Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another example of why TMZ is so despicable

The weekend crew at the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com can always be counted on to betray its soulless core-- and they don't even need crass writing, aggression or smut:
"A TMZ photog was faced with a tough dilemma last night: continue interviewing "Borat" star Ken Davitian or ditch him mid-sentence to go after George Clooney. He chose Clooney, so he gets to keep his job.

"TMZ was outside of Dan Tana's last night, talking to Davitian about his new projects, when Danny Ocean himself came strolling out. So the lensman did what any photog worth his salt would do -- ditched Davitian to follow Clooney and his girl to their car.

"Well played, sir..."


Anonymous said...

So tacky yet utterly priceless. TMZ writes its own parody.

AppalachianLady said...

Give up on calling TMZ a porn-pushing site, Tabloid Baby, unless you are willing to paint yourself with that same brush. Your readers will never forget that you published actual porn on your site, while slinging mud at TMZ for publishing things which are nowhere near as pornographic as what you posted here.

Those who live in glass houses, and all that .....

tabloidbaby said...



We aim for a more sophisticated audience than does TMZ, and we're not corporate-sponsored. We're an independent group of journos and producers from around the world who satirize, comment and seek to tell the story behind the story.

And though we occasionally will post a photo that is directly illustrative of a news event in a more straightforward manner than the "mainstream" media (showing exactly how Heather Mills posed in the past, or Kim Kardashian's latest venture), we must heartily disagree that we post or push anything pornographic. What can be seen on Tabloid Baby is no more explicit than what can be found in any mainstream British tabloid newspaper.

The corporate poen-pushing gossip site TMZ actually pushes the sales of truly X-rated pornographic material, from the Screech to Kardashian DVDs.

Thanks, though. Don't want to offend. You're a valuable reader!

Anonymous said...

I think it's all in context. The stories here range from quirky headlines and local culture to the seedy underbelly of fame, which happens to put nice people in bad situations... and bad people in positions of power.

TB: "TMZ actually pushes the sales of truly X-rated pornographic material, from the Screech to Kardashian DVDs."

There's no effort to sell tapes of Kim K. or books of Heather Mills back in her pre-Macca days. Just my take on 'the other side' of tabloid, which T.B. can lay claim to.