Saturday, November 17, 2007

At last, a mainstream news organization reports on the chaos that could end the Israel Baseball League

Where have all the journos gone?
When will The Jerusalem Post, Boston Globe
& New York Times get on the story?

6 Kislev 5768, November 16, '07
Kurtzer Leads Baseball League Officials Crying 'Foul'

(IsraelNN.com) Israel Baseball League Commissioner Dan Kurtzer, former American Ambassador to Israel, and approximately a dozen members of the new league's advisory board have quit the organization. Among those leaving are men who were involved in producing the league's baseball cards and managing public relations, ticketing and marketing.

They noted the achievement of the League's initiative to bring baseball to Israel but complained about its financial management. One of the managers of the six teams quit towards the end of the first season because of disputes with senior officials.
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Anonymous said...

Are you guys trying to make these kids cry.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, The kids will not cry and the League will continue. Keep the faith , think positive and you will see a 'miracle' happen right before your eyes. Oh, Yeah and when the season starts Elli gets a front row seat so he can see it with his own eyes and gets a free hat with salt so he can eat it:-)

Anonymous said...

One more thing , hope Elli sees this, I have the real scoop , he doesn't even have a clue .

Anonymous said...

I GUESSED THAT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TRYING SO HARD TO WEAKEN THE LEAGUE WITH BAD PRESS AND PUBLICITY WERE BREWING UP A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN AND I WAS RIGHT. SEEMS LIKE AN EVIL SLEEZY PLOT OUT OF BATMAN.Give the IBL some space to become stronger. Lets see who brings forward the miracle. They are responsible for trying to dig as much dirt and humiliate the league.

Anonymous said...

don't follow rosen , rollhaus (a joke and i am on bet shemesh) wilson and GARDNER!!(would not follow him into the john)this is really incredible.
Rosen thinks he is some kind of businessman. Rollhaus is a mascot, wilson (take us to a hospital or something you are good at that) and gardner, holy moses, if this is what they are offering i am going to play in iran.

Anonymous said...


Finger-pointing furious in deal gone sour
Magnetix becomes a major problem for its new owner
By Patricia Callahan | Tribune staff reporter
May 7, 2007
Article tools
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Digg Del.icio.us Facebook Fark Google Newsvine Reddit Yahoo Print Single page view Reprints Reader feedback Text size: Magnetix building sets were such hot sellers for Rose Art Industries that a rival toymaker bought the family-owned company. Now the legacy of that toy is haunting Mega Brands, the Canadian firm that purchased Rose Art.

Mega Brands officials allege in a lawsuit that Jeffrey and Lawrence Rosen -- the brothers who sold them Rose Art, then led that division after the merger -- didn't fix the problems with the dangerous toy in part because they didn't want to jeopardize personal multimillion-dollar payouts tied to profit targets.

Kenny Sweet Jr., a suburban Seattle toddler, died, and at least 27 other children suffered serious intestinal injuries after swallowing tiny magnets that fell out of Magnetix toys.

Hey Wogelegereteree ere or whatever your friggin name is here is another scoop for you!!!!!!

lets see you go after this guy before he screws up the league also