Monday, November 26, 2007

Kevin, we hardly knew ye-- or recognized ye!

Pictured above, in June, is Kevin DuBrow, the former rock star who was found dead in his apartment in Las Vegas.

Below is the Kevin DuBrow we remember (and as he possibly appears in Hell right now), the hair-challenged Quiet Riot singer who wound up living with his mother and who in the top picture is probably wearing a hat-wig combo.

And here we see the photo from DuBrow's MySpace page, where he cites his mom as one of his influences, pictured with dead former bandmate and metal guitar legend Randy Rhoads. Whoa! Cursed or what?

Rock on, dude!


Anonymous said...

What makes you so sure this guy is in hell? Does Tabloid Baby think it's God now?

If you can't say something nice about someone who died, say nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

i think its a compliment! he's in hell because that's where heavy metal stars want to be! rock awn!