Monday, November 19, 2007

Writers strike exclusive: THE SCAB FOUR

Not since Rosie O'Donnell has a beloved lesbian comedian-turned- daytime-talk-show-host seen her appeal nosedive as sharply as Ellen DeGeneres, whose downward spiral began with her cunningly yet backfiring televised blubbering breakdown over someone else's dog and went into hyperspeed when she decided to cross the Writers Guild picket line. Now, she is crossing Beatles Tribute fans:

This just in from Las Vegas:

The Scab Four

The recent taped appearance by Beatles tribute act The Fab Four that runs tonight (Monday Nov 19th) on Ellen DeGeneres’s TBS Special is causing a rift among the Las Vegas Beatle community and the Writers Guild of America.

It seems that one of the producers from the Ellen show actually caught the premier Las Vegas Beatles group Fab Forever at a summer show in New York. The producer was totally blown away by the group's amazing look and sound, and approached Fab Forever's producer Jerry Peluso, telling him she wanted to book the act for the Ellen show.

"It was a funny thing, I lost her contact and info and the same must have happened with her." says Peluso. "I was going to call the Ellen show and follow up, but the writer's strike hit." Peluso a TV producer and Writers Guild member, with 25 years of TV experience decided to take the high road and back his fellow WGA members. "I don't care how much national publicity it costs my group...I'm sticking by the Guild and the cast members of Fab Forever back me 100%. I think The Fab Four should have made the same consideration before taking the stage on the Ellen show.

Ironically, it was Peluso who steered the Fab Four to Las Vegas success befofe he left the group to crate the ultimate Beatles Tribute act. The Fab Forever, who've been named The Best Beatles tribute group in America," recently overcame the tragedy that stalled their rise to the toppermost, and are "revolution"-izing downtown Vegas with a new show that opened last Wednesday at the Canyon Club in the Four Queens hotel and casino).

(...and a tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to tabloid television legend George Ciccarone for the scoop..)


AppalachianLady said...

While I support the writers' strike, and believe they should get a MUCH bigger cut since most shows wouldn't exist at all if not for them, I also think those who do not wish to strike have an absolute right to not do so. This is America, after all, where each individual has the right to make their own choices.

Besides, while the Ellen dog fiasco was a little amusing, I really don't think her reputation has taken a nosedive over it, and your saying otherwise doesn't make it so. To be honest, I don't think most people care one way or the other about it. I know I don't, and I certainly don't hold it either for her or against her.

As for the "Fab Forever" .... eh, they're just impersonators, so their opinion about anything counts for nothing.

Luke said...


Comparing The Fab Four with Fab Forever.



Have you even seen either?

Ah, too funny.