Saturday, November 10, 2007

Michael Lohan is #1 on E! network's Daily 10!

Host's mockery called "conflict of interest"
because E! is producing a rival reality show
with Lohan's ex-wife

The trailer for The Michael Lohan Reality Project not only drew more than 100,000 viewers on YouTube this week-- it was also the #1 story on the E! Entertainment network's Daily 10 news show.

Of course, the low-budget humour-challenged timefiller made fun of Michael and the potential reality series. What they didn't 'fess up to was their conflict-of-interest. See, suits at E!-- whose online gossip reported wrongly that the reality trailer was a fake-- passed on the Lohan show, because they're producing the despicable reality show, Momager, starring Michael's ex-wife and Lindsay's biological mother, Dina!

Thanks for the publicity, guys!


AppalachianLady said...

Tabloid Baby, why are you pushing this terrible idea for a reality show down everyone's throats? He hasn't changed at all, or he wouldn't have made a backdoor deal regarding the photographs of his reunion with his daughter, nor would he have lied about having a reality show.

Why are you constantly promoting a twice-convicted felon who is despicable at best, and who is well known only because he's a horrible father to someone famous?

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of redemption is valuable -- and entertaining and informative. Tie that to celebrity and today's idol worship, and well, you've got something. JMO.