Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ramones murder: Another day, another suspect

Police remained baffled in the bludgeoning curse-related murder of former Ramones manager turned realtor-to-the-rock-stars Linda Stein. But the New York Daily News reports that the shady past of one of her associates has turned the spotlight to another suspect. "Cops want to reinterview Stein's 26-year-old assistant, Natavia Lowery, who apparently was the last person to speak with Stein before she was murdered, sources said. Lowery was arrested in December on a misdemeanor charge of identity theft. Unknown to Stein, Lowery was accused of stealing a high school buddy's identity and using it to open accounts at Target and T-Mobile. The alleged victim said additional bills were racked up in Virginia."

Sources tell the News that the misdemeanor charges against Lowery were eventually dropped and the case sealed. A friend says, "Linda had no idea about the arrest. She had a few complaints about her assistant's computer skills, but that was it."

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Anonymous said...

The whole crowd around her probably had more than a few low lifes. Not to take away from the poor lady, or the viciousness of the murder.