Tuesday, November 27, 2007

IBL Player Holtz makes a play for commissioner; launches campaign by attacking Our Man Elli!

Hillary and Obama, take notes! In a lengthy statement in the Tabloid Baby comment section, Eric Holtz, the aging 41-year-old shortstop for the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox, looks to find a post-playing career by casting his lot with the battered but defiant Israel Baseball League-- and, in angling for the role of commissioner, hurling a vicious spitball at the head of the man he sees as his main competitor for the job: Our Man Elli!

In his comment that appeared at 2:53 pm under this morning's Tabloid Baby post on questions raised by Martin Berger's announcmement that the IBL will be back for a second season in 2008, Holtz, whose IBL profile lists his favorite movies as Godfather I, Jackass, and Austin Powers: Goldmember, talks of his own experience ins starting up a business, defends founder Larry Baras, forgives the IBL for the bounced paycheck he says he received, condemns the team behind the rival Israel professional Baseball League, and for some reason swings a Louisville Slugger at the back of Our Man Elli In Israel:

"It just upsets me as I have seen in business over the last 22 years that there are Vultures that try to pick off the last pieces of meat off of a carcass and to me that is exactly what is going on with this whole IPBL nonsense. These guys busted their balls for years to get this thing off the ground, and now a 'New Leadership Group' is going to swoop in and just take over???? You can look yourself in the mirror and that may be O.K. for you, but for me I could not have allegiance to Vultures..."

"In life it is always easier to pick apart what someone did wrong (Monday morning quarterback) Like this Elli guy from Israel who could be the lowest level of Human Life in a reporter that I have ever seen, rather than to Look at the Positives and try to recover from them. I myself have always prided myself on being a Glass Half-Full Guy but again -That is Me!"

Oddly, the comment is followed two minutes later by the posting of an anonymous comment stating:


...and, 31 minutes later, a lengthy statement of support from "The Rubenstein family," indicating it is the family of Ra'anana Express infielder Brendan "Ruby" Rubenstein :

"...Eric, we think of you as a fine man, one that has demonstrated a maturity many on this board have not had. You are a credit to the League and your words speak the feelings many of us have for what has gone on..."

The order and timing of the postings indicate this may have be a planned campaign, and we at Tabloid Baby wish Eric Holtz well. We understand that at his advanced age, his days as a player are behind him ("again, I will be 42 in a couple of weeks, and I may look at things a little differently than some of the younger guys, but I need to live with myself...") and that he is positioning himself for a management role in the new IBL.

But we really take issue with the wormy tactic of kissing up to the bosses by smearing an honest, diligent, experienced and brave reporter whose investigation and reportage has been inspired solely to protect the lives of Holtz and his colleagues. Elli Wohlgelernter is not Tabloid Baby. And, as he stated, he wants nothing to do with our campaign to name him commissioner of any baseball league. The stories he has written have been bylined. The rest of the reporting and posting comes from the Tabloid Baby staff. And the rich, scandalous material we post comes from the very people whose asses Eric Holtz kisses.

(NOTE: Eric Holtz was quoted in Our Man Elli's landmark investigative article on the IBL's first season. While some players complained, Holtz said: "“My personal experience has just been wonderful in every aspect of it." Asked if he and the other players would come back next season, after all they went through, Holtz didn’t hesitate. “If they lived through the worst and survived,” he said, “then why wouldn’t they come back next year?")



I trust that everyone had a great Holiday weekend. I am sending this out from myself-I have not been prodded by anyone to do this, but being one of the senior members of the league (age wise) I wanted to share my feelings with you on some of the things, rumors etc.

When starting a business, there are many speed bumps thrown at you, many things that come up that are just un-foreseen, I myself started a company in 2000 that did not exist. Knowing what I know now, I may not have done it-- My balls were to the wall for the first 9 months. Not knowing if I would be able to pay my mortgage or bills, but in my heart knowing I was trying my best. That was in my backyard. The IBL was created and executed in a foreign land with many obstacles that were un-foreseen until they were right in front of their faces. Promises made with good intentions and I believe in my heart that no one started this thing with the intention to hurt or screw anyone.

The management of the league was understaffed to say the least- I remember seeing Larry picking up garbage at Gezer prior to a game. That was just ridiculous to me. Yet- He did whatever he needed to do. At the end of the day, We Played 130 Baseball games in a land that had never had 1 Professional game- Had an All-Star game and Awarded a Champion. A full day does not go by without me thinking of something that may have happened on the field, dealing with Blomberg or spending a day off on the beach with friends. There were so many Great things and relationships that were made over these 63 days in a foreign land.

Many of the players have been signed to Independent ball contracts and as you all know Rees and Rodriguez have Minor league deals with the Yankees. I still cannot believe that. I am not sure how many of you are still owed money, but I know that Martin and Larry are fighting everyday to try and secure financing to make good on old debt and go forward with season 2. I myself am owed money (don't know if that will make you feel better or worse) but I am trying to look at the big picture and I am giving them every benefit to try and resolve these matters.

For some of you younger guys, I know it is Black and white-Where's my money?? and I cannot argue that- It is not my place to even try.

It just upsets me as I have seen in business over the last 22 years that there are Vultures that try to pick off the last pieces of meat off of a carcass and to me that is exactly what is going on with this whole IPBL nonsense. These guys busted their balls for years to get this thing off the ground, and now a "New Leadership Group" is going to swoop in and just take over???? You can look yourself in the mirror and that may be O.K. for you, but for me I could not have allegiance to Vultures. I would personally have to have Martin/Larry & Dan Duquette exhaust every last opportunity in righting the wrongs before I would even consider thinking about anything else.

Now again, I will be 42 in a couple of weeks, and I may look at things a little differently than some of the younger guys, but I need to live with myself and to me this is not Just about Business!! This is about guys busting their asses for years to get us to Israel and get games played.

In life it is always easier to pick apart what someone did wrong(Monday morning quarterback) Like this Elli guy from Israel who could be the lowest level of Human Life in a reporter that I have ever seen, rather than to Look at the Positives and try to recover from them. I myself have always prided myself on being a Glass Half-Full Guy but again -That is Me!

I wish everyone a Phenomenal Holiday season to you and your families, and I miss you all!!!!!




Anonymous said...

Oddly - You are an idiot! Eric didn't post his own letter on tabloid baby, he is sick of your daily blog - he sent it as an email to everyone in the league this morning. He sure as hell wouldn't have posted it on your forum!

Someone else posted it, and I in fact had to call him up and let him know that some bozo had posted it on this site.

In fact, I'm the one that wrote Eric Holtz should be the next commissioner, and just by chance, a few minutes after the letter was posted.

Investigative journalists you are not! As a matter of fact, it was nice to see someone put their name to something for a change. He does not want to be commissioner in any way shape or form. Go ahead, ask him! He already has a job, and it isn't in Israel!

P.S. He never started a failed buisiness, he strted a buisiness that was difficult in the beginning, and is now very successful. Nice try though!

Anonymous said...

Knowing how you guys work, someone probably sent it to Elli and he posted it here to make himself look like the poor attacked journalist... boo hoo, Eric said something bad about me, I'll start to smear him too...

Only one problem - WE ALL LIVED with the man for 2 months, and he was the most honest guy there, and went out on a limb for every player there every chance he got. Including standing against Baras when he felt he was wrong.

Go ask any player there! Go ask the group that is trying to start the IPBL, go ask the security guards, the trainers, the staff, the other managers, and most of all the Israeli fans.

You just shot yourself in the foot tabloid baby! You messed with the wrong man! Elli is just upset because the last time he called Eric for a comment, he said he would prefer to keep his opinions to himself. Sometimes you should just quit while you are ahead!

Sandy Koufax said...

Oh, so Holtz isn't big enough to slander Elli in public. He only did it behind the scenes, in a continuation of the smear campaign begun after the first article. Big man.

And you wrote in to nominate Holtz for commissioner "just by chance?"


Holtz is the one who went on a self-serving slander attack and (I know from slander), whether via email or on the comments forum (and thank G-d for that forum).

And thank G-d for this site and these journalists who are playing it down the middle.

Ken Holtzman said...

I wrote it as a joke Alan Gardner, and yes as a lawyer you are probably quite familiar with slander - you did it behind peoples backs all summer, and now here!

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that this forum doesn't serve Holtz in any way, and writing an email to the entire league and all it's members certainly doesn't constitute behind the back since he knows some self serving fool would send it to Eli.

Thank G-D we don't have to watch you try and play baseball anymore!

Anonymous said...


Shawn Green said...

It's nice to see that you can pull your hand off your man member for a change to write in. Nice job with the shift key! You can release it and go back and play now.

We know how much you love to hear yourself speak but did you have to write it twice?

Too bad the only service you have to offer is being an asshole. Guess there isn't a great deal off demand for that in the states! I hate to tell you, but Israel doesnt want you either. Baptist Village called, they said we should keep the idiot!

Kfar Fruit Bat said...

Do not fuck with Eric Holtz, he is a good and decent man. I hope i speak for all IBL players when I say I will never visit or post on this site again.

Anonymous said...

I'd jump in front of a bus for Holtz - that's a real leader, someone who will tell you like it is with no BS even if you don't like what it is he has to say. I've seen him tell off Baras, Berger, as well as Rollhaus and Wilson, and I've seen him praise each of them as well. I read his letter. He doesn't preach or tell you what to think, he gives his own opinion and why he believes what he does, and lets you decide for yourself.

I'm with the last poster - I'm done with this blog "THE END PERIOD!"

Anonymous said...

Shawn Green, who are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

"...an honest, diligent, experienced and brave reporter whose investigation and reportage has been inspired solely to protect the lives of you and your colleagues..."

Wow! Elli does all that! I didn't know that I was in so much danger! Why were the sunflowers going to attack? Perhaps you were protecting us from the wild peacocks at the Hkfar! Thanks for the protection, but next time I'll just buy a pit bull. They are more loyal and trustworthy.

Sit Elli sit! Good dog!

Story is dead along with your career as a serious journalist, but please feel free to continue reporting on Israeli football, you have a real future in that... perhaps as the person who runs out and grabs the tee after the kickoff. I hear you are quite qualified to do that.

You can hardly call it good honest reporting when you pick and choose who you talk to, and avoid others when they won't give you what you want to hear because it doesn't quite fit into the story!

There was a reason why everyone called Gardner Media-Al. He never saw a camera or an interview he didn't like. He had more air time than playing time! There is something about a 45 year old NY lawyer who goes out at night wearing a crooked Dominican Republic hat and hitting on 19 year olds in a bar that really creeps me out, but hey, just beause you are a sleeze doesn't mean you aren't good for a quote or two. Nice job Elli!, and way to go tabloid baby.

Maybe next you can interview the peacocks at the Hkafar, they might have the inside scoop, or maybe you can just scoop up after them as you prepare for your next career.

Anonymous said...


Shawn Green said...

There you go again - can't hit the caps lock key because you are too busy pull your hand off your man member.

Please go back to thinking about 19year old Israeli girls, no one wants to hear from you any more. Besides we already know who you are.

You can go back and play now.

Anonymous said...

From my reading of this blog over the past months, I would say it is safe to express any opinion but that you should launch personal volleys against Eli. That seems fair. I would agree that Eric, fine person as I know him to be, was ill-advised to have done so and should apologize.

Raanana IBL Player said...

Agree with Fruitbat. This site is dead to me. You call yourself a messenger but all you are doing is fanning flames of a fire (a very weak fire). You are trying to divide and promote hostility within a very tight group, and it is working.

Why in the world would you write that Holtz wants to be the commissioner? He never said it, never implied it. WHy would you write that he had a failed business. You have no proof his business failed, in fact you can assume it is doing great..how else could he take off a few months to play ball and still support his family.

This is my last post. I now see what this blog truley is.

Elli you may have at one time been a respected journalist but you have allied yourself with tabloid baby. I cannot tell what tabloidbaby starts and you end. You are the same.

Game over.


Anonymous said...

The fat lady is singing on this story and the IPBL! By the way, you can buy Tabloid baby on EBAY for $1.82 American, and none of the proceeds go to the Author! Hey...the paper is worth more than the book sells for!

Anonymous said...

Gardner can cry to Rosen and Rollhaus for playing time-(Playing with himself) is about all he is capable of

Anonymous said...

In the states we have the Mendoza Line... in Israel be it forever known as the Gardner Line!

Mr. .190!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw ESPN, wasn't Mendoza at least a great defensive player? I don't remember seeing that from AG.

Anonymous said...

Well he sure ran to catch the Reynoldo Cruz ambulance. Suddenly he was Reynoldo's best friend! Must be something instinctive in lawyers. A new Schnitzel! Best defensive ambulance chaser in the IBL.

Anonymous said...

Eric started it when he called "the lowest level of Human Life in a reporter that I have ever seen."


Uncalled for.


Foul ball.


Eric deserves the spanking from TB because they stand up for Elli. He started it.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now-Gardner with the Pom Poms and Rollhaus with the Tzitzis flying out from under his shirt everytime he stands up. Gardner-Holtz was wrong!! You should have started instead of Mr. NY Yankee Jason Rees or Slaughter or Lyons-Didn't you tell people you better than all 3?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone actually wrote "He started it!"

"DID NOT!!!"

Anonymous said...

This comment thread is beyond ridiculous. Reality check here. The fact is that the IBL is deeply in debt, just lost its team of advisors who lent both credibility and legitimacy to the league, and has yet to communicate how it plans to rectify the situation. From the press releases it appears that season 2 is still going forward. However, there are so many unanswered questions. Whatever the circumstances are that got the IBL to this situation and whether you stand with the IPBL or IBL, Martin and Larry just need to communicate what's going on. This is not just about players who are owed $500. There are honest, hard working vendors that are owed hundreds and thousands of dollars with no idea if they will ever get paid. It is in everyone's best interest to make sure that either of the leagues is not operated in a slipshod way.

Anonymous said...


Reality Check... It is almost impossible for a new league to make money in it's first season, especially one with only 6 franchises. Go take a look at the Southern League in Georgia if you think this is an isolated problem unique to the IBL.

I challenge everyone to visit this web site, read the entire story, then tell me that this is such a one of a kind situation!

Remove SCL and insert IBL and the stories are almost exactly the same!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for some direct communications from the IBL on how it is going deal with these problems. That has nothing to do with a start-up business and should occur whether or not you are profitable.

If your own business was being jeopardized because someone couldn't pay and wouldn't tell when or how you were going to be paid, you'd be less dismissive and forgiving.

Anonymous said...

At this point, I'm really craving a bagel.

Anonymous said...

When will we hear from Larry Baras?

Will it be before or after the first of the year?

Anonymous said...

What is with you people? Calling for a guy to get killed? What's wrong with you people? Were you in Israel? It doesn't sound like it? So Holtz didn't play Gardner much. Does anyone really think he's trying to get a new league going so he can play more? Or so it's better for the guys we all played with. Does anyone remember who called the guys together when the Dominicans were going to walk on payday, got Dan Kertzer there and prevented the walkout? Wasn't that Gardner? Anyone remember Pribs saying to let Gardner handle it because he'as an attorney? Didn't the attorney get the job done?How do you think we got Larry to agree to pay cash for the rest of the summer-another promise he broke. Give the guy a break. What did he do wrong? No meeting with the players, no more league, we go home in late July. What did he do during the summer to fuck with anyone? What's Holtz got against him? He couldn't hit the curveball? Neither could Holtz, so they're even. By the way, Eric may be a solid dude, but what's the Holtz line? Anyone check that out? I mean, let's be fair here and not a bunch of jerks.
And has anyone asked Holtz what he's getting out of supporting Larry and Martin? Is it all because he's just a good dude? Does he have an interest? Hey, I don't care who gets baseball going in Israel as long as it happens. I had a great time, got some good playing time in and I've got a new job, so I'm not going back. But what's with this bullshit everyone is writing? . I didn't realize there were so many assholes in our group when we were having a good time this summer. Freakin' grow up.
By the way, I talked to Gardner yesterday and he had no idea this stuff was posted here until I told him. He told me he gave up on this site because of the nonsense being written in anonymous posts. Who could blame him or anyone else.

BringHeat said...

Pioneers are red
Bet Shemesh is Blue
Elli's a hack
And let's play two.

IBL vs IPBL is not the battle here. True, there's only room for one pro baseball league in Israel - and make no mistake, there IS room for pro baseball in Israel - but when the dust settles, I think we'll realize we have in our collective hands ALL the tools we'll need to run a successful and exciting league for all sports fans to enjoy, with enough room for everyone who wants to be involved, in a way that respects everyone's input - both financially and organizationally. Everyone's collective connections, skills, goodwill, and experience can rebuild credibility, establish a better, more fair business model, and make this into a wildly successful venture of which we can all be proud, no matter our roles.

I would never throw anyone involved with this league so far under the bus - I believe everyone had good intentions, and even those who mishandled things and/or made poor decisions, did so in good faith. I think we need to step back from the drama and realize what an amazing thing we have here - and find a way to work TOGETHER to make it happen. It's definitely not too late.

Maybe it's a good thing we have mudslinging, smarmy, sensationalist, no-talent gossip-column rejects like Elli and TabloidBaby trying to stir up dissention. Maybe they'll help us realize we're ALL divided by a common goal - baseball in Israel - and regardless of our on-field affiliations, we're on the same team off the field.

During the American Revolution, Ben Franklin once said something along the lines of, "We must all hang together, or we shall surely hang separately." The context was different but the sentiment is the same as another, more apt saying, this time from Abraham Lincoln: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Israel baseball needs all of us to succeed. We have to find a way to make this work, together.

There's a solution here without taking sides or hurling insults. I'm putting my name on this because - well, it's important. This is bigger than Holtzie or Gardner or Baras or Berger or Holtzman or me or anyone. This is about us as a league.

I'm in, and I'm willing to do whatever I can to make it happen.

Are you?

-Leon Feingold
#45, Netanya Tigers

Anonymous said...

Well said Leon! Everyone that wants BASEBALL to succeed in Israel needs to be on the same side here. It is clear that tabloidbaby has an agenda that cares nothing for baseball or any league. They care only about tabloidbaby going forward. To that end they continually look for credit and accolates and not substance.

Those that care about Israeli baseball need to keep their eyes on THAT prize and not get diverted or divided. It would be appropriate for the IBL to reach out to all that would like to be constructive and accept help from everyone that offers it. I hope that happens. I know many people have offered with a pure heart to help the league, their effort were not always accepted. Perhaps that can change now as we go forward.

Leon, it is good to see you chime in here with a voice of reason. You should be proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

rvhey did you all hear the news!!

Alan Gardner supposedly has had a fight with Rollhaus and Jeffrosen has backed off from the IPBL

well iguess that's that!!

Anonymous said...

Really good job Leon. I agree on all counts. I apologize for not leaving my name. Given the nastiness of this blog,I dare not expose my family to shit about me which wuld endoubtedly be written in return anonymously by gardner and rollhaus. Elli, Rollhaus, Gardner ( No i do not for a second believe he is unaware of each and every posting, as he does most) Wilson you are shit. Disloyal in it to be somebody. Rosen you just do not know how nothin those guys are.

Lets make the IBL work. Larry if you are reading this, forgive some for not doing more to stand up for you. I know you have given this all you got. I know how you have been thrown under the damned bus. You have had an oar taken from you, and many have swam away but stay steady and strong. You are more than many.

Anonymous said...


We hear youre a competive eater. So eat this.

We're saving you dumb jocks from getting fucked over next season as well.

We take it personally

Fuck you.

The Tabloid Baby staff.