Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Daughter has an alibi in Ramones curse murder

As we’ve shown over the past few days, a read between the lines of stories in the murder of former Ramones manager Linda Stein indicated suspicion cast in the direction of her 32-year-old daughter, Mandy Stein.

Mandy directed the Johnny Ramones documentary, Too Tough To Die. She found the bludgeoned body. She ran the NY Marathon on Sunday. Now, according to the NY Daily News, she’s got a bigtime attorney, Ed Hayes (the model for the laywer in Bonfire of the Vanities) and a “rock solid alibi.”

The News says that Mandy met with cops and prosecutors two hours Saturday.

"She has nothing to hide," said Hayes. "She has an absolutely tight alibi, composed largely of strangers. What she doesn't have is any blood on her or her clothing, and no motive-- she loved her mother, there were no disputes.

"Mandy went from a business meeting, was walked to the subway by one of the people at the meeting and came home and found her mother. She was in the same clothing she wore all day when police arrived. She was not covered with blood. She had no bruises on her hands."

Hayes said Mandy Stein went alone-- no lawyer-- when she met with the law. "She loved her mother. There was no dispute that day, nothing," he told the News.

Cops say they have no prime suspect. Because of tight security in the building, it’s likely that the killer either knew the victim or work dint he bulding. Sources say they’re looking again at Stein’s other personal staff and at least one construction worker with a prior burglary arrest and a swollen hand.

The New York Post says that cops removed a section of Linda Stein's metal apartment doorframe, hoping it will yield a "ridge detail print" - a fingerprint or other portion of the hand - that could identify a suspect after lab analysis. They also removed a portion of Stein's bathtub drain and pipe.

Police are studying Linda Stein’s emails. They have not found her will.


AppalachianLady said...

I find it disturbing that you seem to be pointing a finger at her daughter, with no proof that she had any part in her mother's death. Shame on you, Tabloid Baby.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think on this story. Please update soon........