Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dr. Ruehl goes Green

Tom Green's Internet talk show, the one he does from the living room of his house, is said to be heading to real TV in January, and on tonight's episode, as they test and work the bugs out of some of the new equipment, Tom's guest will be none other than the very busy authority and actor-- and Tabloid Baby pal and contributor-- Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruehl, a frequent Green guest, will talk UFOs. The show runs at 11 pm EST, 8 Pacific.

And as a bonus, catch Dr. Ruehl as a swinging hipster beatnik who still manages to express shock and embarrassment when a coffee house poetess flashes her, err, bongos (Ginsbergs? Ferlinghettis?), on AMC at 10 pm and 1 am, all time zones.


Anonymous said...

One of my 'zines was laying around, I think from June, and it had a full page ad with 4 characters. One of the faces was that of Dr. Ruehl. It was some sort of show about image or perception. Should I go to the June archives to read? Just curious what that was about. He seems to stay starboard on a number of projects.

tabloidbaby said...

Thanks for the comment!

And try this story:


It was a role that characterized Dr Ruehl's renaissance as an actor.