Monday, November 26, 2007

Herald harbors Unholey headlines

Our Man Elli notes, "Miami Herald headline writers working overtime":

Lawsuit: Bagel firm in the hole

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Anonymous said...

I'm hearing a great deal of promises from Larry Baras, Martin Berger, and the Rosen group, but the fact is there are only two fields for pro baseball in Israel -Yarkon and Gezer, and they are under the control of the Israel Association of Baseball, so let's cut straight to the point: what is their take on this and the IBL?

Who get's the fields next season, the IBL or the IPBL, becuase there is no way there will be two leagues next season unless they are moving the old Shea and Yankee stadiums to Israel this summer?!? Who will the IAB sanction, since the one that comes out on top will probably have some involvement in Israel's bid for a team in the next World Baseball Classic.

Answer me that Elli, and you have your next story!