Sunday, November 25, 2007

OY GEVALT! Elli's covering Israel football for TV!

We told you a month ago that Our Man Elli in Israel, who saved lives, changed the course of Israeli sports history and set the future of Israel professional baseball on a straightforward course for its next season (regardless of the brickbats and slanders hurled his way) with his unblinking investigative coverage of the first season foibles and post season intrigue behind the Israel Baseball League is also covering the four-team Field Turf Israel Football League, the first national tackle football league in the Holy Land.

Well, Elli's got more than a pen and notepad this time around. That's Elli Wohlgelernter, reporting for the Israel Broacasting Authority, in the clip above. Hang on to your jocks.

(Said one fan to the Jerusalem Post after the league kicked off: One fan proclaimed, "As a fan of football, it's a wonderful thing to be here to watch American tackle football being played in the holy land." Oy, does that sound familiar!


Anonymous said...

How long before Elli wants to rip this league apart as well? What's next from or resident reporter distorter? Guess he finally found a league to give him a job!

Anonymous said...

If I was the Israel Football League I would want to put him on the payroll, too. But I really never would. They have to be so worried about what he will do to them if he is not bought with a job. Maybe it will save them the anguish, agony hardship ( need I go on) that he has cost the IBL and fans. THat is probably what they have to be thinking. He is one bad dude. There aint nothing entertaining, smug or funny about this description, Elly. THere is nothing humorous or warm in saying you are like a tough investigative reporter here. You are not. Assisted by the people trying to start their own league and this blog you were all set and you have caused incredible problems for human beings.
In all seriousness. It so aint funny or entertaining what you have done. And it sure aint journalism.

The only people who would consider it journalism are the jerks who are trying to weaken the league to make their own.

Mark Tracher

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So it a'int funny or entertaining what you have done?