Thursday, November 22, 2007

Walt Disney's apartment

Walt Disney kept an apartment in Disneyland. We point it out every time we go there; above the firehouse on the far side of Main Street that you pass on the way out of the park. There's an electric lamp in the window, always lit to siginify that the boss is home. Back in the day it had a firepole that Walt could slide down on the way out. Of course they've kept it intact after Walt's death in 1966. The one-room flat has two floral couches fold out into beds, an antique Victrola phonograph, photos on the walls and a Regina music box that belonged to his wife. And there's also a studio kitchen withrefrigerator, liquor cabinet, family china and a grill on which Walt made grilled-cheese sandwiches and chili.

The Disney family made use of the apartment until 1983, and since then it's been opened for celebrities and suits. But now the LA Times reports there are plans to open the place, starting in January, for monthly tours in a promotion called the 2008 Disney Dreams Giveaway. Winners will also have a chance to stay overnight in a lavish suite in New Orleans Square (now the art gallery above the entrance to Pirates of The Caribbean entrance).

Old Man Crowley of Hollywood Thoughts told us about the hotel suite on out last visit to the park. Maybe this news will spark him to update his essential Disneyana website!


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