Monday, November 19, 2007

Now more than ever

(Cut this out and post it wherever baseball is spoken:)

He's the right man for the job!




of the
Israel Professional
Baseball League



Anonymous...jk..Larry Baras said...

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Anonymous said...

Some are speaking of this venture as a failure. I’m writing to tell you it is not! I guess everyone thought that bringing baseball to Israel was going to be easy!!! Well it was not and failure will only come if this infighting continues. The only people who really suffer through all this are the kids who don't understand all this political garbage. Sure some people are owed money, and they are being repaid slowly, but I haven’t heard of anyone losing their home, or having to take a second job because of the leagues failure to pay promptly. It is important to realize that some of the players truly became heroes to the children, and these kids are looking forward to the day when their favorite players return. I hear that the ball fields are filled with boys and girls ready to pitch, hit, and catch, on fields that would make the glass covered dirt of Central Park in New York City look enticing.

I personally don't care what you all have to do to get baseball back over there, but let me tell you, to bring it to the children and then take it away would be a bigger crime than never having had a league in the first place. There is an entire group of youngsters who are going to remember the names of Rees, Rodriguez, Nelson, Fish, Pribble, and Raymundo long after they have forgotten Baras, Berger, Rosen, and Elli.

Solve the problems gentlemen! Maybe Elli can try to interview some people with solutions instead of trying to dig deeper and deeper into what we already know has gone wrong. Martin Berger as the voice of the league is doing everything he can to keep this dream alive, and has taken a great deal of the heat for things that are well beyond his control. If he didn’t care he could have walked away long ago, but he does, just as much as the players and the fans. These are all good people, not perfect, but good and decent people, as are the contingent of Michael Rollhaus, Alan Gardner, and Andrew Wilson, who are simply hoping to see this dream continue. Let’s wish them all luck and support whatever needs to be done to bring this game of baseball back for 2008. The children of Israel deserve it!

“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
Thomas A. Edison

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