Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lohan Tape: Perez Hilton sets the record straight!

Michael Lohan may have denied he's pitching a reality series, but he's getting his message about hope, salvation and the importance of family across to world, thanks to the video trailer for the proposed Michael Lohan Reality Project that was produced by Frozen Pictures and first revealed here. With about 100,000 views on YouTube in less than two days, his show is shaping up to be a hit-- if some network titan is brave enough to put this charismatic and very human public figure in the center of a documentary series-- and counter the manufactured fake "reality" his ex-wife Dina is ready to spew on the E! channel.

Meanwhile, while the E! Entertainment gossips were strangely one email short of getting the Lohan story right (conflict of interest, anyone?), the definitive Hollywood gossip source, Perez Hilton, straightens out the facts this morning:

Daddy's Lying

Burt Kearns of Frozen Pictures, the producer of the Michael Lohan “Reality Project” is denying Lindsay’s father’s claims that he is not trying to sell a reality show.

“We don’t know who leaked the tape, but the pitch tape for the Michael Lohan reality project is REAL,” Burt tells PerezHilton.com.

“Michael is lying,” he adds. “Michael’s show is TRUE REALITY. He has been in pitch meetings with the tape. The show has been documented. Look at this post from July. E! was the first network to reject the show because they have a deal with Dina! But thanks to you it is becoming an Internet hit.”

You’re welcome!

Too bad Daddy doesn’t want it anymore!
Don't worry. He'll want it...

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