Friday, November 09, 2007

Assistant arrested in murder of Linda Stein

Police today arrested the personal assistant of murdered former Ramones manager Linda Stein in Virginia Beach, Va. Natavia Lowery was in Virginia visiting her boyfriend when NYPD cops slapped on the cuffs.

An NYPD spokesman says the 26-year-old "made statements implicating herself" in the killing.

Lowery is the suspect we told you about yesterday, the woman who apparently was the last person to speak with Stein before she was murdered. She's also the one who was arrested in December on a misdemeanor charge of identity theft. She wasaccused of stealing a high school buddy's identity and using it to open accounts at Target and T-Mobile, and used the money to buy furniture.

Sources say Stein hired Lowery in early summer after firing her previous personal assistant.

Now the latest chapter in the Ramones curse has been written, and as soon as the Writers Guild strike is over, so can the ripped-from-the-headlines episode of Law & Order.

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Anonymous said...

Death by Yoga. Another reason not to workout.