Monday, November 05, 2007

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Michael Lohan's reality series

As we walk the picket line with our brothers and sisters of The Writers Guild West, we’ve found this pitch tape for one of the wildest reality television projects still waiting to be snatched up. The Michael Lohan Reality Project, aka “I Love Lindsay” -- has proven too edgy for some networks. The series follows Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael, and his attempts to rebuild his life— and his family, after prison and examines the effects of fame on a family while spotlighting the ones who cling to the edge of fame's spotlight.

This tape was made before Michael & Lindsay's reunion in Utah, but Frozen Pictures cameras have continued to roll, and the series promises a much more "real" (or "actual" as they say over at Tru TV) reality than his ex-wife Dina's series at E! Entertainment. But who's brave enough to go for the Anti-Dog? Our pals at Frozen Pictures say the religion aspect proved taboo for some of the development people out there, so they’re now looking to UK networks— or, ideally, a viewing of the pitch tape by Rupert Murdoch himself.

We say the most fun will be deciding if the guy's for real or not.

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