Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More praise for The Michael Lohan Reality Project!

Thanks in great part to the rave from Perez Hilton, word is spreading around the world about the trailer for The Michael Lohan Reality Project. As more websites pick up on the news, the clip posted on YouTube has received more than 53,000 views since yetserday afternoon.

And overwhelmingly, folks want to see more!

Fishbowl LA says: "Michael Lohan is ready and willing to serve in the ranks of Reality TV!"

Times Square Gossip gets deeper into description:
"This is the tape you have to see... It's sad as Michael really wants to be with his family, he wants to be a part of their life. In this pilot, you get to meet Pastor Jimmy Jack, Michael's mentor. You also get to meet Annie Lobert who runs a ministry called ' Hookers For Jesus'. You see footage of Annie telling us she was a prostitute and high class call girl in Las Vegas. When Lohan arrives at her hotel room, she warns him to not sit on the bed. Then Michael Lohan talks about better days in his life and shows us photos of ex-wife Dina and the family while sad music plays in the background then pulls out a huge enlargement of Lindsay passed out in a car. Yes, that famous photo. Then he pulls out her mug shots from when she was arrested. Slide ahead and you will find Michael Lohan dressed as a homeless guy begging for money for food and when a guy gives him some, he says, 'Keep it, I'm Michael Lohan, Lindsay's dad. I'm working for Teen Challenge." At the end, the narrator says 'Will he save his daughter, can he save himself. The Michael Lohan Reality Project'..."
And viewers of YouTube are as enthusiastic as the Perez crowd:
hahaha love it! why wasn't this picked up?!?!?!...
i'll have to settle with dina lohan's reality show then...

Hahhaha, Holy Shit.
I love you Michael.

Real classy =\

its strange that my first reaction to this was to laugh hysterically
then feel really terribly bad for this family

loool! is such a douchebag!

and a attention whore!

Cain't be for real.
Second thought, give him his show, gotta be good for half a season of chuckles.

If this guy was my father, I would drive an ice-pick through my skull.
Poor LiLo. She doesn't need rehab. Girlfriend needs a DNA transplant.

I love those cheap "Like a Prayer" special effects there...

So he's trying to better himself. I don't agree with his choices in life
but I'm not going to tear apart someone for trying to make their life better either.

"high-class hooker" haha i dont think so!
how funny is the "fathers love" music in the background with clouds..

I think Jesus would be pissed if he found out that this chump is "working" for him.
Wow you christians have SO much to learn about being a human being.
so lost, so very lost.

holy holy fuck that was funny

Hey, if Jesus can keep Lindsay off drugs, it's okay by me.

oh puhleez!!!!

this guy is crazy. that was definitely worth the 10 minutes to watch.

The part with the clouds reminded me of that wacko Spirit of Truth preacher
whose videos are on here.

huh...??? say what...working for god???

This is hillarious.

this is really ridiculous. but totally entertaining.

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