Friday, October 19, 2007

Harvey meets vagina II? It's Steven Tyler's throat.

And it's another example of the disgusting, crass, vulgar material being oozed out on an hourly basis on the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com, which ran the picture this morning to give the impression it was a gynaecological closup of a celebrity vagina. The headline, "Whose Body Part is This?" came with the hint: "Someone was a little too revealing on this morning's Today show... Hint: It's not Britney."

This is TMZ's second clumsy vagina come-on in a month. C'mon, Tonio! Even you have to admit that a person doesn't have to "have it out for TMZ" to be offended by this misogynistic smut-- it's cheap, and not very good tabloid. And we can't help but write about this fascinating phenomenon: this is marketed by a corporate monolith (AOL, Time Warner, Telepictures) as mainstream entertainment!

Anyway, it's not the only time today that TMZ used Britney to make up a story.

One of the TMZ amateurs with a camera let his foot get run over by her car-- all so TMZ could promote a phony story for the TV show ("Tune in tonight to TMZ TV to see how it all went down -- and Britney's reaction!"). And the lazy "mainstream" news media followed in formation, pimping for TMZ by shooting video off the website for their shows this morning.

Meanwhile, as the kids with cameras cause real danger, swarming and chasing unstable young women driving out of parking garages, and Harvey and company pay some asshole to stick his foot under a wheel for a show tease (and you can bet they would have sued had he not been stupid enough to turn to another pap's camera to say he was "fine"), there are real, compelling-- even important-- grown-up tabloid show biz stories taking place every day in the Twink Male Zone.


Appalachian Lady said...

TMZ's incessant stalking of Britney Spears - who, as you correctly noted, is obviously a very unstable young woman - is far more disgusting to me than just about anything else they have done.

I fear that one day they're going to cause a celebrity to get killed, whether in a car accident trying to escape them, or by suicide after being endlessly hounded and humiliated by them.

TMZ's actions are quite disturbing when you view it from that context. If AOL/Time Warner was smart, they would distance themselves while they still can. After all, when tragedy does strike, how much value would a jury put on a celebrity's lost life? AOL/TW could easily be bankrupted by a lawsuit of that magnitude.

Anonymous said...

^They're provoking the sane, the insane, the unstable and the few who appreciate bad publicity.

With cell phones and the Internet, celeb-stalkers have no reason to stop. It didn't stop after Diana. It's too lucrative.

Anonymous said...

Harvey plays deep throat.