Saturday, November 10, 2007

Three facts about Norman Mailer

1) The great author, tabloid journalist, media figure and wife stabber invented the term "factoid," which referred to a misstated fact that appeared in a news story and is then repeated in subsequent stories. The mass media got it wrong by using "factoid" to describe a tiny fact.

2) Mailer may be the latest victim of the Ramones curse. He was a friend and mentor to Legs McNeil, Ramones sidekick and author of the punk rock bible, Please Kill Me.

3) Mailer had agreed to appear in the landmark Court TV miniseries, Adults Only: The Secret History of The Other Hollywood, produced by our pals at Frozen Pictures (starring Legs, and the basis for Legs' book, The Other Hollywood. The Court TV suits declined, telling the producers that none of their viewers knew who he was.


AppalachianLady said...

He was 84, and he died of natural causes. I therefore think it's a real stretch to claim he should be counted for the "Ramones curse".

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that response from Court TV. Dumbed down times we're in.