Thursday, November 08, 2007

Conan stalker brings memories of Mrs. Letterman

The New York Times headline "Priest Jailed in Stalking of Conan O'Brien" was surely one of the funniest we've read in awhile, even topping "Paul's New Love Has Heather Hopping Mad" in today's New York Post. And the incident calls to mind the sad and scary saga of Margarate Ray, aka "Mrs. David Letterman," who stalked, bothered, worried, and trespassed in the home of David Letterman when he was hosting the same show in the same studio and timeslot that Conan occupies today.

A tabloid generation ago, Mrs. Letterman was a classic segment on A Current Affair, doing half an interview while standing on her head, and caused much consternation on the Late Night set, angering Dave and leading to a legendary showdown between the grumpy talk show host and mischevous A Current Affair producers at the famed Odeon when it was in the shadow of the World Trade Centers. The episode can and must be found in the book, Tabloid Baby.

Mrs. Letterman was found dead in 1998, after she knelt in the path of an approaching train.


Anonymous said...

That was very weird. Letterman also had that handyman on his property who tried to plan a kidnapping.

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