Monday, November 05, 2007

Michael Lohan reality trailer an Internet smash!


The votes are pouring in and the message is loud and clear: Who needs Dog The Bounty Hunter when Michael Lohan's in the wings?

Hours after we revealed the much-buzzed about pitch tape for for The Michael Lohan Reality Project-- or I Love Lindsay-- from our pals at Frozen Pictures, thousands upon thousands of people have viewed it here and on YouTube and are howling in laughter, outrage and demands to see more! We told you that a lot of television network execs thought the show was too edgy, that the "r" word (as in "religion") off limits-- but that was before The Dog showed his true colours and we members of the WGA walked out and left the nets about to be high and dry.

And that was before Internet bad boy Perez Hilton posted the clip and bestowed it with the ultimte pop culture imprimatur:
Click here to watch the pitch tape that Michael Lohan has been showing networks in his attempts to get a reality show.

It’s just as wonderfully bad as you would expect! So bad actually that no one is said to be interested in acquiring the show.

The majority of the show is about Michael trying to spread the word of Jesus. At one point he even dresses up as a homeless man and attempts to get money from strangers.

P.S. The cameo from Hookers for Jesus is what takes it to a whole other level!
More important, Perez's readers smack it right back at him-- they think it's great!
Rammy says

Hahaha!!!!! says
Cool, I really hope he get’s his own show. Dina got her own show so why can’t he I ask?

sarah-nade says
I say good luck to him. If it keeps him out of the alcohol and stuff then good for him. If it works for him, it works. Don’t be hating!

Kendra says
He should bring it to the 700 Club producers and ask for a weekly 5 minute reality slot. At the very least, it could increase 700 Club ratings to 5 viewers instead of their typical 4 viewers.

toby says
fuck u perez. the guys doing a good thing. hes the most positive thing in lindsays life…. notice how shes better now hes in her life… fuck u for puting everyone who does any good down

Jennifer says
I couldn’t turn it off! Thought I’d just watch a few seconds of it. I think it would be interesting to watch, though I think Michael should be more focused on putting his life together than being on TV.

Lisa says
That was touching. I am glad he is heading towards the right path. That makes me happy.

Kelly S says
no on the homeless guy skit, but if edited properly……BRING IT ON

Raechel says – reply to this
hahah the part at the end where he stands there with the camera circling him with his arms toward the sky is DEF the best part of the whole thing. oh… that and “can you tell lindsay i love her?” haha GLAMS

Diana says
omg!!! lol at the ending!!!! ugh i feel like i need to take a shower..

emily says
oh my god. is he serious?
“no, don’t sit on the bed”
best part of the whole thing

Kat says
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no wonder linsay went nutz-o…jesus freak

silverdoe says
I hope someone sees this for the pure piece of television genius it is and gives it some air time! I was practically glued to my seat! The bit at the end where he is standing with his arms outstretched is magnificent haha.

Adelle says
Michael Lohan needs to go home and think about how fucking crazy he is!!

Shireen says
my personal favorite (aside from the obvious hookers for jesus) is Micheal Lohan floating in the clouds..

Dave says
This guy seems genuine… Git a grip Perez. Let it be…

chica says
i hope fox or e! picks up this show…if they do their job and make it just a tad more tasteless, it can be a hit!
“david, i don’t want your money. my name’s michael lohan…i’m lindsay lohan’s father.”

diegodawg says
is this for real?? it seemed like satire. the outstretched arms a la Scott Stapp was classic. “will he save his daughter?” ha, so cheesy!!!

Babe says
he does a lot of name dropping….”I’m Michael Lohan Lindsay Lohan’s Father.”

Shireen says
OMG OMG the TITLE!!! I missed it the first time.
The Micheal Lohan Reality Project

Kimberly says
Umm…it’s not that bad, Perezito. As a matter of fact, more power to him because he is actually getting his life together and HELPING OTHERS which is a foreign concept to some people. I don’t know about a reality show but he appears to be doing some positive things.

mary says
These people give Long Islanders a bad name

irrational female says
Poor lindsay. Could you imagine if these were your parents?

MM says
Hilarious crap! Love it when the reformed hooker freaks out when Michael tries to sit on the bed–like it might push her into a relapse!

chris says
I watched the whole thing and i agree with everyone…..i couldnt stop watching it because its sooooooooo bad, the clouds, the hookers 4 jesus him mentioning linsay, taking about her mug shot, spinning in the rain, the hooker saying dont sit on the bed…all priceless
Both parents are fucked up…wonder she turned out the way she is

CHRIS says
loves this shiz!!!

j says
Why does that hooker look like Dina
haaaaaaahhaha aaaaaaaaaaa

dani says
This is just too bad to be ignored. If he is seriously shopping this around, someone is going to pick it up. If they give Salt & Pepa their own show, they’ll give this loony a show too. My bet is that E!, Bravo, or VH1 will snap this up.

Meg says
OMG- he’s so full of shit. Does any body actually buy this “I found Jesus” crap? He has a troubled daughter and all that he can think about is himself and his fame. THis is why she’s so messed up! Apart from that: BORING!

The ORIGINAL Brainiac says
***HYSTERICAL! I have a masters in counseling and worked as a counselor for several years before staying home to raise my youngest child. What a con man STILL! Both parents are fame whoring losers. Please take your dog and pony show family and get off the gossip radar. You also have con people clinging to you like dingleberries. Oh, praise Jesus, you are changed. Yeah, right! ********

tana says
The audacity of this guy is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

suzy says
of course no network wants to pick up the show…hollywood hates christians

emily says
hahahaha i hope this is a show

Sill says
what a trainwreck! loves it.

WoWzers says
Good for him for trying to do something positive with his life

Meghan says
I pray someone picks that show up!

Cyrano says
Fucking Father of the Year…bravo Michael- bravo…

F***ing priceless. What a media whore! My favorite part was when he superimposed himself over the clouds like he’s god or something. And that hooker looked alot like Dina. I bet he had the hots for her.

AbsolutDirtbag says
I would watch it. I have no idea why, but I would.

Phil says
Him and Dina need to combine their shows. Now that would be a ratings winner.

jbintokyo says
I like Michael Lohan. Based on this video, I would watch his reality show.

Andrea says
That is HILARIOUS! OMG, Michael Lohan and Kirk Cameron should get a show together. Two people that no one gives a shit about using their “Celebrity status” to “save” people and be a Christian…

anna says
oh shit, that made my fucking week!!! the clouds?? the beams of light?? the hookers for jesus??!! OMG that is so fucking funny!!! and is that led zepplin’s kashmir playing in the background??? who? what? why? hahahahaha BEST VIDEO I’VE EVER SEEN OIN THE INTERNET.

furrymuff says
wow! that was powerful shit!

RDiva says
Can he save his daughter..(oh please!!!!) Love how they use the movie phone voice. Hahhaa No theatrics please. Who will save me from having to see another jerk cashing in on his kids name.
Stay tuned here for more from the Michael Lohan Reality Project...

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