Friday, November 09, 2007

'Personal assistant' confesses to killing Linda Stein

Natavia Lowery, Linda Stein's personal assistant, has confessed to the murder of the former Ramones manager. The suspect told cops she bludgeoned her boss in her posh FIfth Avenue apartment because Stein yelled at her, swore at her, waved a stick at her and blew marijuana smoke into her face.

At a news conference, Police commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said Lowery had confessed to striking the former Ramones manager six or seven times on Oct. 30 with a four-pound exercise stick. (The New York Post describes it as a "metal yoga rod.")

Kelly said that in Lowery’s account, Stein (described as "tough as nails" by the Post and "rough and tumble" by the Daily News) had used “profanity and derogatory language” and refused to stop blowing smoke at her even though the smoke was making her sick. Lowery had worked for Ms. Stein for about four months, but said Ms. Stein had not verbally abused her until the day of the killing.

Natavia Lowery is set to be charged by the Manhattan district attorney’s office this evening. By later this afternoon, the "snarky" websites shoud have a lot of personal assistant jokes at the ready, and with the charges, the case is tailormade for a Law & Order spin.


AppalachianLady said...

Yet you, Tabloid Baby, tried to make it appear that her daughter had killed her. Shame, shame. That's every bit as bad (if not worse!) as what TMZ does.

tabloidbaby said...

We most certainly did not!

We have merely taken you along the twists and turns of the rollercoaster of the investigation, bringing you what police have been saying and New York newspapers reporting.

We told you that police were looking at Mandy as a suspect and that she had a solid alibi. The ones closest to the victim-- and the ones who find the body-- are always suspects. Don't you watch Law & Order or CSI?

How could you compare us to the corporate porn-pushing gossip site? Shame, shame...

Anonymous said...

Considering the abusive-boss-gets-whacked angle, Naomi Campbell should have been offed YEARS ago.

Anonymous said...

My God, is this woman (Stein) stoned or what??!!!