Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jerusalem Post finally covers baseball scandal

But they went with the Associated Press story...

(Translation: Israel's major newspaper didn't assign a reporter for its first story on the collapse of the nation's baseball dream. They cut and pasted a story on the Larry Baras fraud suit that came in from the wire service on Tuesday. We ran the original story 12 days ago. At least Haaretz ran the IBL 10 story last Sunday-- four days after we broke it.)

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Anonymous said...

The lawsuit is public record, so they most likely didn't get the information from you at all, and probably don't even know (or care) that you wrote about it on your free Google blog, LOL. So what if the JP just ran the wire version. The story is nowhere near as important as you seem to believe, so there's no need for them to write something original.

Get over yourselves.