Sunday, November 18, 2007


"...Financing is being obtained and will be in place
well in advance to insure that payrolls and other
expenses incurred are paid. To the extent that
there is a manner in which the league can be
bonded in Israel, it will be, in good faith, to show
everyone that we truly mean business..."

"The NEW Israel Professional Baseball League
will establish a first class reputation with
its players, managers, coaches, staff, vendors
and fans in Israel and around the world..."

An alternative baseball league is being proposed to replace Larry Baras' Israel Baseball League for 2008, as outlined in the following letter under the letter head of Triangle Financial Services LLC of Aventura, Florida and signed by IBL players Andrew Wilson and Alan Gardner, Bet Shemesh Blue Sox general manager and IBL investor Michael Rollhaus and investor Jeffrey Rosen, has been sent to Israel Baseball League players:

November 18, 2007

Dear Players:

As you know, there has been much turmoil following the inaugural season of professional baseball in Israel. This letter is intended to let everyone know loud and clear that baseball will continue in Israel, albeit under an infusion of new blood at the top. The new group has the funding and understanding of all the problems and concerns that occurred last year. The group is currently structuring the new organization and will be making a formal announcement ASAP.

The New Leadership is excited about taking on the business of promoting baseball in Israel in a serious manner. It is made up of participants from the ’07 season, all of whom have a uniquely inside view of what happened and will make sure that it does not happen again. Financing is being obtained and will be in place well in advance to insure that payrolls and other expenses incurred are paid. To the extent that there is a manner in which the league can be bonded in Israel, it will be, in good faith, to show everyone that we truly mean business. The NEW Israel Professional Baseball League will establish a first class reputation with its players, managers, coaches, staff, vendors and fans in Israel and around the world.

Please email us at ipbl@trianglefs.com to establish your interest in returning as a player, coach or in some other capacity with the league, noting in what capacity or capacities you would like to return.

The original leadership must be recognized for its vision in seeing a place for baseball in the desert land that is Israel. Unfortunately, as many of you already have experienced, there were many missteps, mistakes and misfortunes that have made it impossible for the original management to meaningfully continue to lead the way for baseball to take root and thrive in Israel.

Thursday’s announced resignations of Daniel Kurtzer and many other key advisors to the league, follow a frustratingly destructive inability of management to communicate on basic matters of the financial affairs of the league. As such, it is apparent that the original leadership has lost the much needed credibility with vendors, lenders, past and future league participants to adequately carry on the affairs of a professional baseball league in Israel. Hence, a new day has dawned on professional baseball in Israel and we look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Please be in touch and stay tuned. We look forward to having as many of you on board as possible as we take baseball to a new level in the land of milk and honey.

Play ball,

Jeffrey Rosen
Andrew Wilson
Alan Gardner
Michael Rollhaus


Anonymous said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah,

Alan Gardner!!! Michael Rollhaus , you mean the funny guy who wore the bet shemesh uniform as if he was some kind of player/coach!!! Andrew Wilson , great guy , took care of us but give me a break, what is he 12 years old/ Oh yean Jeff Rosen, another success story. How did he make his money. Amongst the players we heard there was a silver spoon some where in his back pocket. Oh yeah and ask him if he had a lawsuit against him ever before.

Guys, don't take the bait. They are fishing and they also don't have a clue what they are talking about. If Baras doesn't come through let's just sue and get on with our lives.

Anonymous said...

Rolhaus.. yeah right, I might be able to stand him for five minutes. Ditto Gardner.
WIlson. Drama king . Rosen. Mr I know children choke on toys and dont tell people i sell my family company to. I just did a 30 second search for him and lawsuit.


what a tower of virtue his company is


What a bunch of bedfellows finding each other. What did the ad say? Suppose they found this blog to do their dirty work a while ago.

Losers. That is right.I dont appreciate what they did or are doing or respect them for trying to cloud the league. The orig IBL gets it together or move on. These guys have caused this league and its potential a lot

Tear down the league and make your own. simple genius guys, right?

From the Observation Deck said...

The IBL has zero credibility. These guys already have a leg up.

Anonymous said...

Alan , jeff Rosen, andrew , rolhaus so you are the dick heads who have populated this site with junk.

You have tried to do this so you can fill a vaccuum with your own league plan. I can only imagine what filth is in your own backgrounds. This action and experience cannot come on its own.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to keep a league or any business moving going ahead raising money, keeping volunteer board members content to be a part of it, when there has been constant negative publicized crap as league tries to stand up, honor commitments, do the right things? How could you have possibly made it less easy for everyone who has been owed money, to be paid? How could you be less decent? You are idiots. Damaging the league like this over the last weeks and months is like taking away the car keys from someone who needs to commute. Rosen, imagine your grandfather or father starting his business and a competitor from within or external damaging his new business looking into all elements of his life and the operations? This smells. It is now easy to understand and anyone with a brain should realize how this blog and these people have tried to handicap and discredit and make things potentially impossible for the league. All this has obviously made the post season ridiculously hard in getting people paid. Given who you are and self serving purposes of all this, I am sick about how you have punished and hurt the league from within. You have been dumping pails of water on top of them for your own greed and ego gratifying purpose. LOSER SLEEZEBAGS WHO PROBABLY HAVE NEVER DONE A STICH OF ANYTHING GOOD EXCEPT FOR INHERITING MONEY I can only imagine the motley crews hanging out at your thanksgiving tables.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,

glad to see you paid us a visit. Can't to see the look on your face when you get another law suit

Anonymous said...

To Jeff Rosen or Alan Gardner who is writing to "Larry" about his visit .... EHhh! wrong again.
Jeff , andrew alan or rollerboy stop playing games , the game is up we finally know exactly what you are doing.

rosen if you would have picked a couple of better people , (andrew wilson??? good kid but come on )

you might have stood a chance but a joke like alan (alan you are good guy but man what the f#@#K can you do?)

rollerboy, rollout we will get you a pink uniform and don't tink you will be respected when you land in israel for the next season. remember we all know now and you are dirt and bet shemsh peope will know, I promise!!!!

Anonymous said...


Finger-pointing furious in deal gone sour
Magnetix becomes a major problem for its new owner
By Patricia Callahan | Tribune staff reporter
May 7, 2007
Article tools
E-mail Share
Digg Del.icio.us Facebook Fark Google Newsvine Reddit Yahoo Print Single page view Reprints Reader feedback Text size: Magnetix building sets were such hot sellers for Rose Art Industries that a rival toymaker bought the family-owned company. Now the legacy of that toy is haunting Mega Brands, the Canadian firm that purchased Rose Art.

Mega Brands officials allege in a lawsuit that Jeffrey and Lawrence Rosen -- the brothers who sold them Rose Art, then led that division after the merger -- didn't fix the problems with the dangerous toy in part because they didn't want to jeopardize personal multimillion-dollar payouts tied to profit targets.

Kenny Sweet Jr., a suburban Seattle toddler, died, and at least 27 other children suffered serious intestinal injuries after swallowing tiny magnets that fell out of Magnetix toys.

Hey Wogelegereteree ere or whatever your friggin name is here is another scoop for you!!!!!!

lets see you go after this guy before he screws up the league also

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and btw i bet you this article gets into the israeli papers also , actually , I promise it will!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That suit has nothing to do with the IBL, while the one regarding Baras does...including the suite has has yet to receive...stay tuned.

Real IBL Player said...

Andrew Wilson has more brains that Larry Baras and Martin Berger put together. He was the ONLY one working to put butts in the seats this summer.

Anonymous said...

this tabloid baby & story is paid for by a millionaire with blood money( who else would be paying to have this ibl column show up on what seems to be paid public relations websites)who wants to take over profesional baseball in israel. that is obvious now. should have been looked at and expected weeks or months ago.

this site which is written and contributed to by zeros who have a vested interest in pulling league down for their own concocted benefit of a new league.

Yeah, I always had that same sense about rollerboy!

seems reasonable that wollgeelanterer will not write up the toy story and instead will try to shift emphasis back on supposedly bad baras who worked like a dog and i believe did the best he could. Evry fricking person in business is exposed to lawsuits frivilous, partially merit based or merit based. Everyone in a divorce proceding same thing. accusations true and not true fly around. filing a lawsuit and winning it based upon merit are two separate things and it is not up to us to judge that. all i know is he obviously split his gut trying to make a first season work and we owe Baras more than trying to kill him. maybe he did promise more than he could deliver. these shmucks have tried to cut the cord in his being able to get things done. given the self benefiting motivations of these guys i am sorry to have given this shit as much audience as I gave it.

Anonymous said...

wogerlelerere wrote the exclusive on rosen but how much you want to bet one time and not bash it out like he did with baras.

Anonymous said...
That suit has nothing to do with the IBL, while the one regarding Baras does...including the suite has has yet to receive...stay tuned.

11/19/2007 2:28 PM

and like the law suit against baras had anything to do with the IBL@@@

Anonymous said...

Real IBL Player said...
Andrew Wilson has more brains that Larry Baras and Martin Berger put together. He was the ONLY one working to put butts in the seats this summer.

11/19/2007 2:43 PM

Nobody said andrew did not have brains but to be someone who runs an organization, yeah he could do some work but be part of 'management' good kid but not a businessman, look who he hooked up with:-)

I don't know if you are a 'real IBL' player like me but my info says that rosen told someone that he hooked wilson for the info (and he is giving it to him) and can afford him for now. He too will become another 'toy' that rosen manufactured and screwed

Anonymous said...

I am astonished, embarrassed to find such self serving behavior from grown men. You cannot believe the disappointment on my face when i stumbled across this tabloid baby site expecting to find uplifting IBL news and instead found such trash.....rebellion.....more like unnecessary drama.

I personally believe rolhaus, jeff Rosen, and andrew have been influenced by Alan Gardner's delusional idealism of how a start-up league should be run "his way". That's it, it is a start up, requiring time to grow. You learn from mistakes, and you're lucky if you have the support to develop further. I guess Larry selected the wrong people to trust.

It is disappointing that players didn't get paid. But lashing out at someone and trying to destroy them won't pay the bills either. It just exposes the true intentions of the "drama quartet". If they were reputable they would have spent time build bridges instead of burning them. But it seems as though these 4 are only out to defeat and win, not build.

Alan and his clan may believe they are heroes, but they are more like parasites trying to undermine the IBL to fulfill their own egocentric tendencies.

These men used the IBL's mishaps as a scapegoat to fulfill their own power driven agenda.....something is lacking in their lives, like a life. It's only baseball, not world peace. You ruined the reputation of a man who took a chance, bringing baseball to israel.

I will be sad to have these 4 men represent baseball in Israel. If you had the kind of determination Larry had/has you would have taken the high road and developed your own league, not attempt to dissuade chairmen from supporting Larry.

What is sad about all this is that the young players who follow these 4 men are just that, young..... they just want to play ball at any cost, not realizing how unethical it may be.

Your ad, propaganda, for the new 2008 IBL sounds vindictive and desperate in an almost "ambulance chasing" kind of way, not at all professional. Your angle is very transparent. Your ad is filled with unnecessary angst that clouds the spirit of baseball.........pathetic Losers.

Anonymous said...

hey elli what are you gonna write about when the dramatic 4 drop you from their gang. the only reason you went anti-ibl in the first place is because they would employ you and your substandard credentials. a first year start up in a foreign country with a very foreign sport is going to run into issues. give me a break. i hear great things about the kid wilson. but a league with guys like gardner and rosen - wow that's scary.

Anonymous said...

woops talk about substandard
meant to say "wouldn't hire you"

Anonymous said...

alan gardner "THE centerfielder" for the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox!
nothing like a .190 hitter who plays in 11 games to hold down centerfield on a championship team.
you give mario mendoza a bad name for hitting .200

Anonymous said...

Gardner, centerfielder?......more like bench warmer and first base coach. Sound's like this rebellion is all Holtz's fault for not playing Alan much. Just like Castro who wanted to play ball but never could- if only he had got accepted in the US baseball world, bay of pigs never would have happened.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

All the insiders have left Larry except Martin Berger. Maybe they know when it is time to leave a sinking dishonest ship?

Anonymous said...

There was nothing dishonest with the IBL. Promises were broken , players ,vendors unpaid . Big deal! What really is dishonest is selling more garbage and lying to new investors.
Can you imagine the crape they are being fed?

Kopy said...

you guys have chained the arms and legs of the ibl with your public criticism. Elly started this with the first sucker punches. He ought tobe slammed if he shows his face at a game this summer. time to start helping and shutting up.
try starting an icecream stand in a new country and lets see how you do.dont doubt your own responsibility.