Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lindsay Lohan watch: Hoarding and whoring

While waiting for her sex tape to hit the Internet, hard-living, hardly-working, troubled and talented actress Lindsay Lohan gets a paycheck today by agreeing to be humiliated on The insider, the Pat O'Brien-soiled, even more vacuous and vapid spawn of the syndicated infotainment show, Entertainment Tonight. Celebrity Rehab can't be any more humiliating than allowing comedian Niecy Nash to enter your home and reveal you to be depressed, addled hoarder living in a junior Grey Gardens, crowded by piles of freebies and trash while moaning about the never-ending troubles pressed upon you by your father, Michael. Promotion of the sad display has been drawing ridicule for past 24 hours and the segment airs this evening, probably followed by another paid appearance on Niecy's cable show, Clean House.

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