Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jason Wood, what happened?

So why is the British tabloid press ignoring the death-- and life-- of gay musical impressionist Jason Wood, who died in his sleep over the weekend at 38?

While Wood was known nationally as host of a number of reality television shows, and had a place in British television history as the first celebrity voted off the successful Strictly Come Dancing series, his mysterious death after a performance in Bournemouth and hours before a scheduled show in London, has gone unmentioned in all but a brief BBC report, and coverage on the gay media and some show business websites.

The situation is disturbingly similar to that of musical impressionist Danny Gans, who died in his sleep at age 52 on May 1st. In that case, the Las Vegas media appeared to be warned off coverage by powerful interests who did not want the lid pulled back on a clean-living family man image.

Jason Wood, an "out" performer who began his rise to fame with a character called "Cher Travesty," had no such secrets. Yet there appears to be little interest in his death and life of a very "camp" performer from the nation that gave "camp" to the world.

As in the Danny Gans case, the lazy media has gone with the statement from Wood's manager that there was "no suspicious circumstances" about the death. One news site translated that to mean that a 38 year-old man died of "natural causes"-- as if there is anything natural or unsuspicious about the sudden death of a strapping 38-year-old man.

The lion's share of coverage comes from the British comedy news site Chortle, which, in the Las Vegas tradition, continues to roll out the tributes from Jason Wood's colleagues:

"Writing on Chortle, Phoenix Nights and Coronation Street actress Janice Connoly – aka comedy character Mrs Barbara Nice – said: ‘This is such sad news. He was a great entertainer.’

Stand-up John Fothergill said: ‘I will never forget the hilarious time we had in Cape Town. You were a sparklingly different highlight in the business and a joy to have known.’

And fellow comic Eddy Brimson said: ‘Jason was a great bloke, kind, considerate, great company and always up for a laugh but let us never forget he made his mark and brought a great deal of happiness to so many.’"

Watch this space for the autopsy results....


Anonymous said...

My Husband daughter and I had the priviledge of seeing Jason perform on a Med cruise in 2008. He was amazing. Strikingly handsome. So talented. Extremely funny. Brillianty quick witted. And he was born in Luton like me! We had a chat and photos after the shows and he was a true gentleman. He really deserved to hit the big time. I was truly shocked and I cried when I heard the news. Jason, if I hear the angels laughing I'll know you got there! D Luton xx xx xx

Anonymous said...

I should imagine the reason the British newspapers and online news hasn't reported much, if at all, about this man's death is because most British people haven't even heard of him. Why should he get any news coverage at all is what I'm wondering.

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