Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pulitzers accept National Enquirer noms

Congratulations to Tabloid Baby pal Barry Levine, executive editor of The National Enquirer and his team, as The Pulitzer Prize Board has officially accepted The Enquirer's submissions for breaking the John Edwards scandal.

The proud tabloid makes history being deemed qualified to compete with so-called "mainstream" news organization for journalism's tarnished yet most prestigious prize. The Enquirer is in the running for the Pulitzer in two categories: "Investigative Reporting" and "National News Reporting" for The National Enquirer staff.

A dark day for Sig Gissler
Readers of this site know that this is not the first time a tabloid organization has attenpted to be recognized by our ivy-walled, ivory tower fellow hacks.

Last April, Pulitzer gatekeeper Sig Gissler rejected our Pulitzer nominations for our coverage of the Israel Baseball League scandals out of hand, and in another history-making move, even returned our admission check-- repelled as he was by the "tabloid" moniker.

We're glad to have paid the price to pave the way.

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