Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Call Me A Liar?" Now Kate Jackson disputes Farrah Fawcett's signature that allowed Ryan O'Neal to take over her documentary

Former Charlie's Angel says Kate Jackson has upped the ante in her war of words with Ryan O'Neal, now claiming she doubts the validity of the document that gave him and Alana Stewart control of the documentary that Farrah had been producing with Craig Nevius.

As we reported exclusively in May-- a month before Farrah's death-- Nevius is using the signature on the document as evidence that he was improperly removed from the video journal project that Farrah sold to NBC and O'Neal ultimately engineered into the maudlin, exploitative (high rating and Emmy-nominated) Farrah's Story. (Farrah's and O'Neal's business manager Richard B. Francis, on behalf of Farrah's estate, countered by suing Nevius for misappropriating funds and screwing up the documentary.)

Now the 61-year-old Jackson, who last year on NBC Today show attacked Nevius and slapped him with the "Devious" moniker, has made an extraordinary team-switch.

As O'Neal insists that Jackson is lying when she says he and Stewart kept her from "saying goodbye" to Farrah at the end of her life, Jackson has turned handwriting expert, telling RadarOnline.com that she questions Farrah's signature on the lawsuit document!

Farrah Fawcett signature, April 2008

Farrah Fawcett signature April 2009

"Farrah had such beautiful penmanship," Jackson is quoted as saying. "It caused me to become very sad and upset, when I saw that signed document, because I believed that she was not awake enough, because of the pain medication she required.

"Frankly, to me, that document didn't look like she could have a clue what she was signing."

Jackson also clarifies the "Devious" crack on the Today show:

"I was embarrassed. I was told before I did the Today Show that Craig Nevius was a crook and all this other stuff. I thought he was attempting to do all these awful things."

Jackson says it was soon after the Today interview that she Stewart told her that Farrah didn't want to see her.

"I wasn't allowed to ask Farrah if that was indeed the case that she didn't want to see me or others. "I wasn't allowed to talk to her on the phone, at all.

"Even if a person is in such pain that they sleep most of the time, if the phone was answered, or the messages weren't so full that you can't leave one, I could have had someone put the phone to her ear so I could tell her that I love her.

"Even if she was sleeping, I wouldn't have cared. I needed to do it But the phone was never answered or it was full of messages. That to me was weird.

"I am having a great deal of difficulty dealing with this. It is very, very, upsetting and I can't see myself ever getting over it."

Read more at RadarOnline.com.


Anonymous said...

Kate Jackson can just FUCK OFF already. This has-been did not see Farrah because she didn't want to see anyone. Deal with it. She wasn't the only person to not see Farrah but the rest RESPECTED her wishes to let her die in peace, surrounded by Ryan, Alana, Mela and her doctors. THAT is what she chose so RESPECT it and move on.

All this back and forth is so juvenile and disgusting. Kate should know better and let her "friend's" memory continue less flawed.

Ryan and Alana did as Farrah asked - like it or not - and now they are the bad guys.

Everyone should move on. She's dead, gone and that's that. NOTHING will change what happened and whether you agree or not, it is what it is.

I am so sick of Craig, Greg, Griffin, Mike Pingle and now Kate Jackson bringing all this shit up already.

And Tabloid Baby is no better than them for continuing to report such trash. Karma is a bitch and I hope ALL of you suffer the consequences of disrespecting Farrah, her memory and her legacy.

Anonymous said...

And one last comment: her signature is hers but of course in a physically weak state, ANYONE'S signature would appear less robust. Stop trying to turn this into something it's not.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ms. Jackson should look into running for political office--that back and forth swaying of opinion seems to work pretty good for those people.

Oh, and I agree with first comment completely.

Anonymous said...


1. compulsion by threat or force; coercion; constraint.

2. Law. such constraint or coercion as will render void a contract or other legal act entered or performed under its influence.

3. forcible restraint, esp. imprisonment.

“I know you hurt honey and we’re gonna give you the shot just sign this paper first”

“She signed the document under Duress”

1. the act of coercing; use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance.

2. force or the power to use force in gaining compliance, as by a government or police force.

Withholding much needed pain medication to obtain cooperation = "Coercion"

But you keep arguing that Ryan is a saint after all his past behavior has proven him to be of Saintly ilk has it not?

I personally believe him to be the Devil and Alana Stewart his hand maiden

Anonymous said...

So, 2:05 you were a witness to the signing?

Anonymous said...

I am happy Kate spoke up - I trust her more than that Scum bag Ryan O'neal any day. What would Kate have to gain from ringing this up? Nothing. She was a great friend to farrah not a money obsessed vulture like Alana "Hamilton-Stewart" and O'neal. Good for Kate

Anonymous said...

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior
I think Mr. O’Neal’s past behavior speaks volumes

No I was not present I have no doubt that the ONLY people present during the signing of that particular document were O’Neal and Stewart

You’re saying it’s outside the realm of possibilities that Mr. O’Neal would “Coerce” a dying woman?

This is after all a man who supplied drugs to his own children and when caught with drugs in his possession threw his own beloved son with Farrah under the bus.

I think the courts will reveal that IF Farrah did sign those documents she did so under Duress and in such a weaken state that she was unable to discern what it was she was signing.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Alana, etc,
When someone that trusts you asks you to respect their wishes, you do it because it is the right thing to do. It may not make you popular, but it made Farrah happy--amd that is all that mattered.

Anonymous said...

“The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior“

Farrah was a loving “Forgiving” Christian woman, she made peace with the issues in her life and did her best to leave this world clean.

Faith and Trust in these circumstances can be misplaced

Farrah is at peace with her choices, regret does not transcend the heavens, nor does hate, anger or disappointment.

Farrah IS at peace

Ryan and Alana are the ones that should be worried. They are the ones with blood on their hands. Justice will be served

Sooner or Later

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: since Ryan and Alana were both left out of the will, WHAT EXACTLY was their motivation to "lock up Farrah, and to force her to sign away her control of her documentary?" There is NONE!

Ryan is wealthy on his own and Alana isn't any more famous than she was prior to Farrah's death. O'Neal and Fawcett had a lifelong relationship and if he is as bad as half as these bloggers make him out to be, then why didn't Farrah dump him during the first two years of her three year cancer struggle when she was 100% coherent? She didn't and THAT alone should prove she loved him, wanted him there and she HERSELF put him in charge of the doc.

As for Alana, she and Farrah have been friends for 30 years; her BEST FRIEND and that is why she was allowed to be at her side because THAT is what Farrah wanted. There is no ulterior motive here people. Farrah made her own choices until she was able then trusted those that she personally decided to put in charge of her life and her documentary.

Kate Jackson was a friend but not like Alana and Mela were. Even if O'Neal has a not so desirable past he DID stand by Farrah until the end and that says more than Craig, Greg, Griffin, Mike Pingle or Kate Jackson could ever come up with in terms of damaging commentary.

Give it rest. None of this shit changes any it it.

Anonymous said...

“Here's a thought: since Ryan and Alana were both left out of the will, WHAT EXACTLY was their motivation to "lock up Farrah, and to force her to sign away her control of her documentary?" There is NONE!”

Do you even hear yourself?

That IS motivation, they are out they are getting nothing by gaining control over the documentary and subsequent footage for future distribution they get to tweak things to slant in their direction.

Giving power and credence to the foundation and allowing them eternal access to her image.


You need any more motivation?

And for that matter what would Kate’s motivation be?

Why is she lying?
What benefit does she get from lying?

She was left out of Farrah’s will too, what’s her motivation?

Anonymous said...

What's anyone's motivation? The same reason any of these people that have made up lies since Farrah's death--to get their names in the papers, on the news, make a buck.

God help them.

Anonymous said...

4:30PM - Craig Nevius/Devius strikes again!! Pathetic, ex-producer with no prospective jobs AND a mullet.


Anonymous said...

Kate Jackson is 8 minutes from the poor house. That bitch NEEDS the press! Can anyone name the last time she worked?

And when did she become Korean? Those EYES are blinding!!!

Anonymous said...

Farrah chose to be around Mela,Ryan and Alana????
Really Anon AKA KEITH SUNDAE Feb 16th 1:10 pm?
You really think posting your lies is going to change peoples minds? keith after Ryan and Alana are through with your fat ass you will be flushed back down the toilet where you belong!
Mela Murphy and her pathetic resume
Alana a fucking old whore
Ryan a loser who got upstaged in every movie his old fat ass ever did. TALK ABOUT HAS BEENS LOL

We all stand behind Kate! Ryan used Kate by lying to her about Craig so she would say what she said on the Today Show. Ryan never fooled me and same goes for that Whore Alana. This all is going to come back on all of you and it's not going to be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Keith Sundae is a nut
He posted all kinds of shit on kate jacksons tribute page the deleted all his comments.LOL Coward!

I guess his version of the truth sickenes even him that he is compelled to delete his own posts.


Anonymous said...

Is that previous "anonymous" post from Ryan, a rep, or Alana? Wouldn't be a friend ... can't imagine any left. Seems like Ryan venom.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:10 said ...

"Everyone should move on. She's dead, gone and that's that. NOTHING will change what happened and whether you agree or not, it is what it is."

I agree ... nothing is going to change what happened, BUT getting JUSTICE for Farrah is NOW the AIM, here! ... She won't come back from the dead, BUT at least the FUCKERS she had in her life will be EXPOSED and PAY the consequences!

Anonymous 5:23 said ...

"And when did she become Korean? Those EYES are blinding!!!"

MUST admit, this remark made me laugh! BUT Kate is still beautiful for her age! AND she always had almond shaped eyes.

As for the signature: ...

You don't have to be an EXPERT to KNOW there was something wrong with Farrah when she 'signed' that document! ... I do agree it is her signature, HOWEVER, as I've stated in the past, that signature shows very well Farrah wasn't in her right mind, nor strong enough to sign it. ALSO, BEFORE Farrah would give control to 'others' or FIRE them, I'm sure she was the type of person who would communicate these issues with the parties involved, BEFORE hand, and not have the news 'sprung' on them AFTERWARDS by her so called 'friends' ... Farrah was a professional woman, and that is what a professional person would do!

Another thing ... WHY would Ryan and Alana want to do a PART TWO on Farrah's Story??? ... Do they feel that Part One didn't get the message across?? I thought they said that Farrah LOVED it & it was exactly what she wanted shown! OR could it be they see more DOLLAR SIGNS $$$$$

One other thing I want to point out ... I've realized that SOMEONE in Farrah's circle (so called friends) is DEFINITELY reading these posts! It became OBVIOUS after reading a post from another section here on Tabloid Baby! ... I've got my suspicions on who it can be!


Anonymous said...

One last thing ... the ONLY person who can shed some truth here would be Jaclyn Smith ... If she comes out saying the same thing Kate is saying ... then BINGO!


Anonymous said...

Your exactly right Michael Europe and the person's name is Keith Sundae the guy that Farrah fired and sadly Farrah forgave him when she was ill to help her out with the Fight the Fight campaign in late 2007.
He tried to get 4,000 off of Farrah.
The same asshole who brought the swimsuit poster to her funeral(CLASSY)!
The one Alana gave a heartfelt thank's on the FF foundation website.
Now he's running behind Ryan and Alana's old asses cleaning up their mess and coming on here and facebook attacking everyone who knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

Feb 16th 4:30PM you could not have said it better.

That was exactly their motivation to have access to Farrah's image and name to profit from.
And they knew to start the production with stealing that documentary. They are so pathetic that they needed to use footage from 2004 of Farrah and Ryan to make viewers believe it was recent. MTV is also suing NBC,Ryan and Alana for using outtake footage from Chasing Farrah.
This all was a production for Alana and Ryan for future $$$$ profit. Plain and Simple and I hope Jaclyn comes forward and speaks out for Farrah and Kate.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anon Farrah may be dead, gone as you like to put it.
But Ryan and Alana are still here and until they get their just deserves none of us are going away!

This is not about Farrah,this is about Ryan and Alana
so don't use that crap to cloud what is really going on and what this is really about.

This is for anon Feb 16th 1:10pm

Farrah's Legacy is just fine, It's the two scumbags that are trying to own and control her legacy that are the problem! And any karma coming is coming to Keith,Mela,Bernie,Ryan and Alana.

Anonymous said...

The problem is only that when Farrah is going with Ryan began the bad and ugly choices. He's a good actor, not a bad guy, but with the time, he became drugs and sex-addicted and she's loving him from the beginning TO THE END OF HER LIFE ALMOST BLINDNESS, so when he deceived her in 1997, he admit himself in a moment of lucidness that she's destroying her after that. Ryan is not also the man to have children with.
Indeed, there was a lot of good moments but she's not accepting getting old and not also himself to live with a menopause woman. He was always a ladies man
After 2000, when she was alone, began the sad hours. All her texas friends are far. Sister and mother both died, her producer, the husband of her best friend Joan, Rodney, also.
She felt alone, so far from Texas and fellows. The difficulties of Redmond seemed more and more insuperable with drugs.
But she loved ALWAYS Ryan and returned close by him when he was ill.
That's the true life of Farrah Fawcett in the last ten years and explains what arrived after. Even if it's sad, she always trusted him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anonymous 2:02 ...

As I've previously stated in another post under a different story, it's a sad situation and Farrah's choices and situations (in her life) became a MESS thus, leading to the MESS at the end of her life and after!

She may have been a smart woman, BUT she did make stupid mistakes and choices! I can say, to her credit, she did "lie in the bed she made!" She dealt with it and screwed them afterwards, as she did in her will!

I think she was so used to be taken advantage of, she became immune to it, thus NOT realizing that her so called 'friends' were also doing such!

The biggest mistake, in my opinion, however, was her lack to protect Redmond from becoming a drug addict! She should of taken that kid and RAN away from Ryan and Hollywood! If Redmond was clean, all this shit wouldn't be going on today! He'd have full control of everything! AND maybe Farrah wouldn't have succomed to cancer, for it's a FACT that STRESS is a major contributor to getting cancer!

If you notice, it wasn't till about 1996 - 1997 that Farrah started to go 'down hill' ... This was the time of her break up and problems with Ryan and Redmond going on drugs! No wonder she seemed bizzare on Letterman, and as much as I loved the lady, I did not buy the explaination of it being 'all an act' to promote Playboy! ... What was her excuse in the All of Me video? There was a scene in there where she was extremely bizzare (when she was crying), and what about her appearence on Ellen!???


Anonymous said...

Kate Jackson does not need the publicity or the money. And yes, she has acted in the past couple of years in a reoccurring role on Criminal Minds! (Probably why she can spot the criminals that Ryan O'Neal and Alana Stewart have become!)

Say about her what you want, but she is standing up for the truth and you Ryan/Stewart idiots will be put in your places too. Soon!!

The very first post on this blog with this article is just what make O'Neal guilty. No one has to become so nasty and hateful, unless they have a reason!
Reason: You have to be on the O'Neal/Stewart payroll. How dare you even start your comment the way you did.

The Bible says: Let he without sin cast the first stone. Wow, usually perfection is not allowed here in a living breathing body. You are only lucky S.O.B.!

And they way you throw out that word "Friends", guess you are also lucky to have had such perfet friendships all your life too!

You are unbelievable and trashy! Shame on you for starting this yet again!

Anonymous said...

Friendship is a tricky thing. I have seen time after time, people who call themselves friends, only to stab you in the back when it suits their purpose.

Stewart may have been a "Friend", but when the time came she stabbed Farrah in the back.

Farrah's "Love" for Ryan....why not? You can also love someone and they then turn around and do the same thing as a friend, STAB IN YOU THE BACK!! Where the hell was Ryan on those Germany trips...love my ass! When you really love someone you are there for all of it....not just the end!

And parade your own kid in front of camera in prision cloths and chains, again what an asshole.

Nothing Ryan O'Neal or Alana Stewart say will be believed except by alot of misguided people that will find out soon that they have worn out their little fingers typing how great they are, only to find out how bad they have been.

That is the day that I will almost feel sorry for you people who think that O'Neal and Stewart were "there" for Farrah!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the signature!! Just waiting for that one. Clearly, If and I say if, Farrah signed that....she was in no shape to do so.

Thanks Kate for questioning that too! You are great in my book. Friendships like that of you, Farrah, Jaclyn are rare! And it take courage to step up and do what you believe in.

So, post all the negative about Kate you want too, but at least she had the strength to come out and say what she believes in!!

Keep up the good work Kate!!

Anonymous said...

I asked this question under another story on this blog, but I guess everybody's too busy fighting over here to read it.

Can someone please answer this for me without ripping me a new one? There are people on here who endlessly bash some (Ryan, Alana,etc.) and endlessly support some others (Craig, Greg, Kate,etc.) From what I've read, all these people live in either CA or Texas. The most outspoken bloggers on here say they are from Pittsburgh, Illinois and Malta Europe. How can you know what really happened? Where you there? Are you friends or relatives of them? I don't even know what my next door neighbors are doing--how do you know all this that you spout as fact?? I think it's a fair question.

Feb 17th at 2:02 makes a lot of sense. Farrah was human. An imperfect human that made human choices. She loved who she loved. It's not rumor. It's unchangeable history.

I really think Kate Jackson needs to quit spouting to tabloids (Especially one connected to the National Enquirer--they put Farrah through hell--not cool, Kate). It's unclassy and unprofessional. Save it for the courtroom, if you know so much.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59
I answered, take a look.

Anonymous said...

To quote Anon 6:57:
"I really think Kate Jackson needs to quit spouting to tabloids (Especially one connected to the National Enquirer--they put Farrah through hell--not cool, Kate). It's unclassy and unprofessional. Save it for the courtroom, if you know so much.:

And you don't want to get ripped on these blogs? Yet, you spout off too? How can you justify that?

Also, Radar On-line is NOT the National Enquirer. It has never been sued for publishing stories that are false and made up. Check it out before you take on Radar.

Kate is classy and cool, so you are wrong there too. What do you know about it anyway? Aren't you the one wanting your questions answered? What then would you know about classy and cool and not being professional. Who the hell are you?

She is taking a stand for her friend...there is nothing more "cool" than doing something like that!

Anonymous said...

TABLOID BABY says on Feb 14th at 8:00 AM: (last paragraph under their Kate Jackson claims Ryan stopped her from visiting Farrah story)....."She (Kate) made her explosive comments to Radaronline.com, the Internet branch of the National Enquirer...."

THAT's where I got it from. Maybe YOU need to check things out before you jump all over people AGAIN AND AGAIN. If it's wrong, it's T Baby that's wrong not me, sweetie.

Was that polite enough?

Anonymous said...

Again Radar on-line has not been sued. Is that polite enought for YOU?

I never read that piece of crap National Enquirer anyway, did you?

Anonymous said...

If you were Farrah's friend, would you have ANYTHING to do with ANYBODY affiliated with The National Enquirer? I know I wouldn't.

And no, I don't pay for rag-mags. I get my rumors and lies on here, for free.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:02
Which makes you better how?
You want to insult Kate Jackson, but you read and post on a blog like this or Radar on-line.

It is kind of hard to take the high road when you are no better!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:02
rumors and lies EXACTLY!!
And neither you or I know who is really telling the truth.
I believe Kate, you don't!
So what? It will all come to the surface in due time and we will see who shows up to acknowledge that they were wrong. I would...can you say the same?

Anonymous said...

Don't go getting me confused with some of these other bloggers. I HAVE NEVER insulted Kate Jackson. I only said I wished she wouldn't be talking to tabloids--always thought she was above that.

Anonymous said...

Well, the new TB story answers our questions. Radar took the story from an interview from a journalist who helped Greg Lott with his story. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

OMG Kate Jackson did not go to Radar Online/National Enquirer!

Suprised...I'm not!! Been defending her all morning. Now, I don't have to anymore.

TB got the story wrong as to where it came from, but let us not lose site of the fact that Kate thinks Farrah's signature is very fishy! As have so many!

Anonymous said...

Yep, enough said! Kate in the clear by NOT going to National Enquirer and Radar online, BUT WAIT, Ryan went to Radar Online to have his say.

Didn't Farrah hate that kind of news media?????

Maybe I'm confused. It's terrible for Kate Jackson to do (which she didn't), but it IS okay for Ryan to do???

Where are all of you Ryan Pro's?
Is it okay for him to go to Radar Online to Respond? Or Not?

Anonymous said...

He probably didn't talk to Radar either....remember you read THAT here, too!

Anonymous said...

True, but did look it up and Radar Online claims exclusive!

Anonymous said...

Bad reporting sources really took the headline out of the picture fast didn't it?
Kate thinks that Farrah's signature is not right. That is what we were debating, but let a little thing like who interviewed who stop ya from talking about it, Well, that's great! Glad you screwed up TB. Stopped all the comments! That's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Well, look up the Kate Jackson Radar story again. It also says: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW "Jackson, 61, exclusively told Radar Online"....
Blah, blah, blah...

Anonymous said...

True, but there are no other place to follow from there. The other story had highlighted things that you could follow and look up.

This one on Ryan does not or at least they go nowhere!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how to find Kate Jackson's Playboy photos from 1970?

Anonymous said...

I love Kate Jackson & I'm glad she stood up. I do feel that she has many points. I wouldn't be right if people Farrah loved took advantage of her while she was in a weak state. I believe Kate genuinely loved Farrah & should have gotten a chance to talk to her one last time.