Thursday, February 04, 2010

Redmond O'Neal back on the streets-- again

It turns out that the late Farrah Fawcett got more than fans' best wishes and a cancer foundation in her name for her birthday on Tuesday. In a little-noticed courtroom action, Redmond O'Neal, her troubled junkie son with lover Ryan O'Neal, was released from jail. The 25-year-old has been in stir since December 29th, after he was found to be intoxicated while on a 24-hour Christmas pass. At Tuesday;'s sentencing hearing, Judge Michael Tynan approved Red's release, reinstated his probation and enrolled him back into rehab. If he finishes this stint, Red will be be placed in a sober living home, and according to the judge will again be allowed to receive day passes "from time to time." This time, he'll be under strict supervision with limits on where he can go and the company he keeps. His father's name didn't come up.

This is, by one count, Redmond's fifth chance.

Two days have passed, so he could already be back behind bars, but in any case, who bets there won't be a Round Six?


Anonymous said...

With several million dollars Ryan as his father and His mother now gone,well he needs a miracle to kick drugs and if not I can only see this kid sadly ending up well I'd rather not say what may ly ahead and just hope for the best.


Anonymous said...

I agree he needs a miracle. Maybe Redmond will get the miracle his mother wanted so badly. The boy needs prayers. This is a disease!

I hope he gets thru this and does his mother proud and takes on all of her "Friends"! He need protection from some of them too!


Anonymous said...

She will be the “Angel” on his shoulder
Pray to her to help keep her boy strong

What will be will be

Anonymous said...

Let's just HOPE there won't be a Round Six!

Redmond ... If you are reading this ... Have Courage and Strength!

Fight the Fight, as your mother would say, and did!

There are loads of people rooting for ya!

Keep the Faith!