Thursday, February 25, 2010

"All welcome" at Jason Wood's funeral

The public is invited to the funeral for musical impressionist Jason Wood, "the gay British Danny Gans," who died in his sleep over the weekend at 38.

Services will take place Monday, March 15 2pm at St. Mary’s Church, Manor Road, Lower Sundon, Bedfordshire.

There will be a reception afterwards at Kents Athletic Club on Tenby Drive.

Wood's family announced that "all are welcome to attend."

The family asks that flowers be sent to

Neville Funeral Service
Neville House
Marsh Road
Leagrave, Luton LU3 2RZ

Meanwhile, there's still no word as to what killed the entertainer and reality television star in the prime of his life, on the eve of a gig in London.


Friends gathered Tuesday night at The Corner Store, upstairs at The Funnyside of Covent Garden, to raise a glass and share stories about "a wonderful person, a genius onstage and a fantastic friend." And while they and fans have added tributes to various Facebook pages and other online forums, no one has come forward with a clue to what killed Jason Wood.

British comedy writer and standup Hal Cruttenden (praised by the Daily Telegraph for his "warm-hearted, quick-witted observations about being a camp, middle class heterosexual") is the latest colleague to write a touching eulogy on his site about "one of the loveliest people on the comedy circuit":

"I know there are jokes about people being unrealistically nice about someone who’s recently died but in Jason’s case it really is true. I helped write and perform some video sketches for his Edinburgh show in 2006 and he was such a pleasure to write with in his fabulous 1920s decorated house.

"Later that year, he closed a charity show for me in aid of our local hospital in Enfield. He brought the house down with his fabulous songs and impressions and everyone who was there that evening never forgot him. He was unlike anyone they’d ever seen before (not just because they’re from the suburbs and a bit sheltered!).

"Jason was funny but he also sang beautifully. Unlike so many comedians, he was never bitchy or hard or moody. He was open and sensitive and a joy to be around.

"I last saw him about three months ago at a gig at an agricultural college. We walked in to play a room full of big tough farmers sons and girls wearing rugby shirts. We sat giggling in the green room wondering what on earth we had in common with these kids. In fact the students were lovely. I was first on so left early to get home. Apparently Jason stormed it that night. I wish I’d stayed to watch."

Did you know Jason Wood? Do you have information about how he died? Contact us here. All identities will be kept confidential.

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