Thursday, February 18, 2010

Video gamer tells critics: "Kiss my ass!"

In this office, young Peyton Daley is the one most likely to be caught playing the video games and Sam Peters is the guy trying to get the hang of it ("This ain't snooker," he's been heard to complain) and the one who reminds us that President Obama, his wife and The Kaiser Foundation alike warned that the hours spent in front of the screen help create sedentary lifestyles that lead to health problems and obesity (a problem Peyton does not have to worry about but that some of Sam's female companions might, video games or not).

In any case, we've just gotten word that one of the biggest names in the industry is fighting back against the "haters." Jace Hall, video game producer, executive producer of V: The Series on ABC and creator and star of IGN.com’s hit web series The Jace Hall Show has a message for the critics:

"Kiss my ass."

He says so on a new song, I Play W.O.W.

Listen to Jace Hall's new song
I Play W.O.W

Hall elaborates: “In my opinion the parents are not witnessing a problem, but instead they are seeing the capacity for efficiency and productivity on a level that far surpasses their own. The problem solving processes presented by video games can encourage continuous cognitive growth in many. Video games and the internet culture is the new rock ’n’ roll. Of course parents hate it. They are supposed to. They don’t understand it.”

Hall continues: “When you are told that you are being lazy, or wasting your time, or being antisocial – when in fact you have just spent 22 hours working very hard with a group of people accomplishing extremely difficult tasks– you want to tell the uninformed person accosting you to fuck off!

“There is no shame in this activity, in fact, we are proud taht we play! What I am doing is productive for me in many ways. So kiss my ass and get off my back!"


I Play W.O.W. is from Hall’s EP, Video Games Arent' Bad for Ya, available on iTunes and featured on The Jace Hall Show on IGN.com.

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HAHAHA loved th article. Never heard of this dude. Thank for the heads up. Cool show