Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beware the TMZ timeline!

As we demonstrated when we exposed its premature exclamation of the death of Michael Jackson, the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com plays fast and loose with facts because of its ability to manipulate the time and date stamps of its posts, quickeroo switcheroos of headlines and the fudging of factoids when it's caught out.

Still, the mouldy catch basin of celebrity and basketball flotsam insists on creating its own reality, as in the reportage of the tragic passing of Phil Harris, star of Discovery's Deadly Catch series. Most major news outlets reported the sad news last night before 11 p.m. (as demonstrated below by the Los Angeles Times and Reality Blurred sites:

TMZ however, waking up to the "scoop" this morning, once again created its own reality at 9:09 am, stating that "sources" said Captain Harris died "about an hour ago."

And mainstream news organizations use these morons as a source? Just becuase they pay for court papers?

We'll await the correction...


Anonymous said...

Go back and check it out
They put a disclaimer on it saying it was originally posted last night

Covering their exposed asses

Anonymous said...

The others posted at 10:02 PM and 10:59 PM and TMZ is NOW claiming in their updated post that:

"*This post originally went up last night at 11:45 PM ET"

If you "Originally" posted at 11:45 PM and he died about an "Hour ago" that would make it 10:45 PM

Then how do the others post BEFORE you, even by your own admission, how can you claim "EXCLUSIVE" ???

Get your act together TMZ otherwise people might not take you seriously