Sunday, February 07, 2010

The funniest Super Bowl commercial

The Megan Fox Motorola ad was even funnier than the Letterman/Oprah/Leno surprise. The Budweiser bridge wasn't bad. We're still trying to figure out what Tim Tebow and his moms were selling. Passing it off to a website was sure one cowardly way to get around the right-to-life ad issue.

But were they really on the couch at the same time?

INSTANT UPDATE: Yes. The New York Times: "The spot was shot last Tuesday afternoon, under the strictest of secrecy which involved both Mr. Leno and Ms. Winfrey flying in surreptitiously to New York, and arriving incognito at the theater, while Mr. Letterman was in the midst of taping his show for that night. It also involved Jay wearing a disguise: hooded sweatshirt, glasses and faux mustache..."

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, dumb commercial, stupid company (Motorola) and a lame attempt at getting attention. I'll use my Blackberry any day over a Motorola phone.