Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Police seek Disney Tower of Terror groper

Police in Anaheim, California are looking for a man who allegedly groped a woman on the Tower of Terror ride in the Disneyland Resort's California Adventure park. A woman says she was on the ride with her daughter Friday night when someone grabbed her breast when the lights dimmed. She says she believes she was grabbed by someone sitting to her left, but that it could have been someone else.

Security staff gave investigators a photo taken of the victim on the ride before the lights went out. Police say they're trying to identify the person to her left in the photo.

The incident brings to light the phenomenon that "Disneyland," which aficionados recognize to be the Magic Kingdom park, is now considered to encompass the entire area around the park, including the hotels and the inferior California Adventure park that was built in what was once the Disneyland parking lot.


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