Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Now Kim Kardashian is a producer

Propelled into the spotlight of pop culture stardom by her membership in an unpleasant family chosen to be featured in a reality television show, her performance in a masterfully-promoted sex tape and her unusually large and disproportionate buttocks, Kim Kardashian has now entered a new level of television control once reserved for professionals who'd labored for years to achieve the lofty status. E! Television announces this morning that Ms. Karadashian is listed as executive producer of a television special called "The SPINdustry,” which promises to take us "inside the fast-paced world of entertainment PR." From this half-hour of low budget television airing February 21st launches a new era of television, if not the latest sign of the Apocalypse. Kim Kardashian has already cheapened the notion of stardom. Now she's doing the same for "producing."

(In light of that prodigious posterior, the phrase "couldn't produce a fart with a can of sauerkraut" somehow seems a little too on the nose. And you were worried about the Brits getting all the TV jobs.)

“The SPINdustry” is executive produced by Kim Kardashian along with Jon Murray, Jeff Jenkins, Gil Goldschein and Russell Jay as Co-Executive Producer for Bunim/Murray Productions


Anonymous said...

Hey I don't give a shit about her producing title but you leave Kim’s Ass alone!

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