Monday, February 22, 2010

Ryan O'Neal to exploit son Redmond's drug battle in his Farrah Fawcett documentary sequel

Despite the denials, it appears that Ryan O'Neal will exploit his and Farrah Fawcett's son Redmond and his drug problems in a reality television format, after all.

RadarOnline.com reports that Redmond's sad battle with heroin and other addictions will be one of three plotlines in the follow-up to Farrah's Story, the exploitative NBC special that was carved from Farrah and production partner Craig Nevius' original video journal of her cancer struggle.

RadarOnline says its reporters have seen the letter O'Neal is sending out to get people to cooperate. It reads in part:

“We plan to focus on three main areas of her legacy: her art (namely her films and her sculptures), her inspirational battle with cancer; and the light of her life, our son Redmond, who is now fighting to reclaim himself in honor of his mother.”

According to RadarOnline, O'Neal also writes that the documentary will include Farrah’s voice from “an original, never-aired 2005 interview with never-before-seen footage from our private collection of home movies.”

One of the most horrific parts of the Farrah's Story special was the scene, engineered by O'Neal, in which a shackled Redmond was led from jail into the room of his near-comatose mother and allowed to get into bed with her. The sequel promises to pick up the story from there.

It's not known if O'Neal will include video of Farrah's death.

O’Neal plans to keep shooting interviews through March. It's not known if he'll get to interview Redmond, who's in court-ordered drug rehab after years of arrests, jailtime and drug treatment.

O'Neal and Redmond were arrested together on drug charges in 2008 when police found methamphetamine in the actor's Malibu home. O'Neal at first denied the drugs were his, but last year pleaded guilty to drug possession and was sentenced to a year and a half of drug counseling.

Last week, after Farrah's Charlies Angels costar Kate Jackson attacked him in the media, O'Neal said through a spokesman that his "only wishes are for Farrah to rest in peace."


Anonymous said...

I knew it...what scum!! Exploiting Redmond is absolutely at the bottom of the parenhood scale.

First, footage filmed at home while Farrah was dying and now Redmond.

Does this bastard have any scrupples at all???

Go ahead Ryan lovers, explain this one away!


Anonymous said...

And if one single one of you thinks this is a good thing, GET HELP IMMEDIATELY!!! You would be as sick as he is if not worse!

Anonymous said...

And.....don't insult anyone by saying anything about drug awareness, because that is bullshit and you know it!

Anonymous said...

Face it people, there is nothing this man will ever do that is right or good enough for some of you people. You will find a way to twist everything to suit your own agenda.I wish you (Tabloid Baby) would quit beating this family up and let them heal and honor their loved one. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Heal? Are you kidding? What planet do you live on? Family? What Family? He has abused his children before and now expolits his son.

He is one sick son of a bitch!
And you are too for supporting him!

Anonymous said...

Suit your agenda is what Anon has in their comment.

Nobody has an agenda, but Ryan!
What is his agenda? Is he really not going to stop until the boy kills himself? Will that make Ryan happy then.

At least then he can get to all of Farrah's money thru that phony Foundation run by Stewart.

Yes, Farrah wanted a Foundation, but a legitimate one, not this piece of disgusting shit.

AND, when did she EVER want her son exploited like this? He tried all of her life to protect him for this kind of shit and the person you assholes say she loved is doing that very thing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought by doing another documentary/tribute or whatever you want to call it was bad enough, but this is pretty low.
I agree with ANON 1:37 when they say something about Red killing himself. This kind of publicity during recovery could really set this kid back.

OMG, you pray for Redmond and then his own father is trashing his life. I hope Redmond survives his father.
I also agree that Farrah tried to protect her son from the media and now his own father is putting right out there for public scrunity. Is there nothing that his man won't do? God save us all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Aunt Esther.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least "Aunt Esther" knows which direction you are going too.
Have fun with Ryan down there!

Anonymous said...

How do you really explain this? An honest question.
Please, keep the fowl mouth to a minimum and tell me the truth. Explain to me how this is okay with anybody? A fair question I think.

Anonymous said...

Redmond's no longer a child. Nobody can force him do anything he doesn't want to do. Or stop him from doing it either.

Anonymous said...

Truthfully, I can't type fast enough to disapprove of this latest twist to Ryan's (what) documentary, his thought pattern, his love for his son, his love for Farrah, or maybe his mind.

The guy has got to be crazy.
I too would like to have it explained how this can be useful to anyone. Using what has happened to Redmond cannot be good for Redmond. Farrah has to be turning over in her grave. I don't believe in hauntings, but if I did, Ryan would need some major help right now!

Anonymous said...

1:51 is that an explaination?

Anonymous said...

Not this article or the original on Radar Online say anything about Redmond agreeing to participate. So, being an adult or not doesn't really matter here.

I am done! Ryan O'Neal and you people that continue to defend the sick stuff he does are too much for a good person to handle.

You argue and argue and argue with the turn out being nothing good.

You guys just keep going at each other all you want too. This was the last straw for me personally. I cannot stomach another session of "How Great Thou (O'Neal) Art" from the Ryan worshipers or the comments to people you want to call "Aunt Esther" or Kibbi or whatever name you pull out of your butts this time.

Go for it and remember...it all goes back around! I would be looking behind me at all times if I were you people! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon Feb 22nd 1:51 sorry but if people really love him then they can do alot if they wanted to.
Farrah did, even confronting his drug dealers,so don't hand out that crap,that's a copout to say he's an adult and can do whatever he wants.
If a loved who was over 18 and put a gun to their head would you watch as they pulled the trigger or try all your best to stop them from pulling it?

As Always another poor lame excuse for RYAN"S BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

Let Ryan do what he want's,he's slowly but surely sealing his own fate!
His last breath will be nothing but sorrow and then he will face the truth and I would'nt want to be him when that day comes!

Anonymous said...

Scrupples? Ryan?
Anon Feb 22nd 1:22 PM Do you really have to ask that
I totally get what your saying and trust one thing there will come a day and that day will include EVERYONE who sold their soul to aid this guys bullshit.
So just know everything you do comes back to you and all of them will wish they never sold out and exploited a courageous woman and a drug addicted young man. Don't get upset it will work itself out it always does,so let them do what they want and thank GOD your not them.

Anonymous said...

keith Sundae with his Farrah and ME facebook page is just as low down and disgusting as the rest of the exploiters.
He's a nobody who will hang on to any form of celebrity even two d listers like Ryan and Alana.
He's just as guilty and pathetic as they are and needs to update his farrah photo's the most recent he uses EVERYWHERE is from 2002. 2004-2009 ??? no photo's Oh I forgot that's when FF fired his big John Candy ass!

Anonymous said...

If this is true i as well agree its not in good taste, However, lets wait and see if it REALLY happens ? I dont know what to believe anymore, there are so many stories ............

Anonymous said...

I agree. If you just read the snips from the letter O'Neal sent out, it sounds like what they are wroking on is more like a 'tribute' to her legacy. Her art, her illness, her son--they WERE the 3 biggest parts of her life. I'm a little pickier than some. It takes more than Tabloid Baby and RadarOnline for me to get my news and make a decision.

Anonymous said...

Will you bullies quit with the Keith, Craig, Mike personal attacks?? Boring and juvenile. Every one of these guys obviously was very infatuated with Farrah. Weren't we all? So what if they devote websites or Facebook pages to her? At least they're tributes. Better than what her website did OR DIDN'T, I mean, do.Boring and juvenile, people.

Can't SOMEBODY come on here with some actual knowledge of what the truth is without this mullet, fat ass, etc. crap?

Anonymous said...

Here's a fact about the Craig Nevius:
He filed a lawsuit before Farrah died. He had been taken off the project by Ryan O'Neal because somehow he got Farrah signature to give him (Ryan) the rights to the Documentary that Farrah and Craig had been working on for 2 years.
Why...nobody can really answer that but Ryan. They want to say that Nevius did something wrong, but can't prove it so....

Ryan had Farrah's estate file a counter suit much later in some kind of last minute attempt to save his butt from basically "stealing" the Documentary from Nevius and the company he and Farrah. In this formation of the company it was very well stipulated that if Farrah was no longer able to finish or have imput on Documentary the Craig Nevius was to take over!

Did Ryan do it for the money? Did he do it for Farrah? Did he do it because he had it out for Nevius?
Nobody really knows that. Most would say he did it for the money and publicity. But again, nobody really knows!

However, with Ryan doing a new documentary that will seem to exploit his own son's drug problem...the money would be my guess. Unfortunetly, Farrah tried her whole life to protect and keep her son out of the media spotlight. Now, his own father is going against what she would have not wanted and putting the boy out there for the world to see.


Anonymous said...

Esteemed. Good analysis

Anonymous said...

You told Farrah,that you would go after her....Please go!

Anonymous said...

No, he said he would go 'with' her...too late for that. You lose.

Go wish your ill-will on somebody else.

Anonymous said...

So Ryan O'Neal.
You lie to Farrah?She left and you are here doing this shit.

Please Mella,Keith,Ryan and Alana,jump from the balcony!

First let me get my camera!

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