Wednesday, February 03, 2010

All's well at CBS News: Katie's salary is safe

Comforting to know that in wake of the brutal axing of around 150 CBS News employees-- and these CBS News people are loyal, hard-working, True Believers who operate on the assumption that they and their battered ship are something special-- like that Letterman extortion guy did-- that the president of CBS News is assuring the rest of the media that they have no plan to trim the chubby $15 million salary of their last-place chief newsreader (and highest-paid TV journo) "Katie" Couric.

Sez Sean McManus: “Katie’s work on the Evening News, 60 Minutes and special events is brilliant. Nobody in the business works harder than Katie and I can tell you unequivocally that there have been and are no plans and not even a single discussion about making a change or renegotiating.”

Savour those words for now. We'll revisit them a few months down the line when it's announced that "Katie" is moving to afternoon talk. (Oprah's leaving, and you remember the Jane Pauley show...)

(Drudge quotes a "veteran producer" saying ""She makes enough to pay 200 news reporters $75,000 a year!" which is cute, because producers make a lot more than that...)

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