Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fan records Farrah Fawcett tribute album

The tributes to Farrah Fawcett have taken a tuneful turn, as musician Alain Lustig has released Farrah On My Mind, "a musical tribute to Farrah Fawcett."

The lyrics to sixteen songs are displayed on the website, with titles like Something In her Eyes, Leni, Always There, and The Rock (?) and Prayer To The Universe, a sample of which can be heard by clicking here and whose lyrics include the lines:

"No one stays young and fresh forever
What still remains so beautiful
is the love I hold for you"

The guy's a fan, at least according to "The Story" told on the site, which begins:

"'Once upon a time there were 3 little girls.....

"the introduction to a well known tv series of the 70s featuring 3 beautiful ladies…..it is also the way most fairy tales start...But this one was real...there was also an innocent young man who fell in love with an Angel (I know I was not the only one....you can smile here!!!) but right from the start I knew there was more to this feeling...so much more !!! It was not something sexual…not the hair….not the million dollar smile…..NOT the nipples on that famous poster…..it was beyond comprehension…..the vision of absolute beauty !!! The embodiment of God’s perfection !!! Some of you will now argue and say she was not perfect….I agree….but….take her body….her hair…her smile…her striking eyes…her sweet voice….her girl-next-door innocence….her kindness and add it up…. you will end with the most gorgeous creature ever to live…like an Angel…..Farrah Fawcett..."

Lustig writes that he wrote the album for Farrah after it was announced she'd been diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

"I am not ashamed to say, I cried my heart out ! I could not believe It….NO not her …not this woman ! I started searching the internet for updates, and saw all the pictures, interviews, movie clips I had missed all those years…and I fell in love again ! I wanted to do something to try to help, to give her strength and hope, so I started writing love songs."

The following year, he connected with one of the Farrah Fawcett MySpace pages, and decided that one of the sites was actually Farrah's.

"It was discrete and simple…the way it was titled I knew this was hers. I created my own Myspace page, put a few songs on it, and sent her an invitation ! We became friends, and eventually, I found a way to send her my CDs. It was a dream coming true…She was a very kind and sweet person… Even going through hell, she never complained……I would have loved to meet her….

"I will probably never know for sure if this Myspace friend was really Farrah !!! Yet she wrote something to me right from the start of our friendship I will treasure in my heart forever :

"« Alain...how could it be that such words would be written about me? I truly am nothing that special...your kindness brings a tear to my eye...The prognosis of my cancer is guarded...but I will survive and if not..............my memory of your sweet words, I will take to my grave and then to live with the angels...Luv..Farrah »

"She is, was, and will forever be my greatest love, my friend and my inspiration….thank you girl for giving us this beautiful DREAM !!!"

Lustig describes himself as a "fan," and includes a link to the MyFarrah.com. He promises that those who download his songs or album "can be assured to make a difference in our fight against cancer.

"I am not doing this for my personal gain, but to honor the memory of a wonderful and courageous woman....a real artist.....talented actress.... friend......and my greatest love. I commit myself to donate half of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society (for wich Farrah was a spokesperson)."

The album and individyal tracks are available as downloads on Amazon and various sites.

Alain Lustig? According to his Facebook page, he's a 48-year-old musician from Strasbourg, France who's been "touched by an Angel." (According to a Google search, he's a stockbroker sentenced to 28 months in prison for stock fraud, but it's probably not the same guy).

Fill us in, Farrah fans.

From Alain Lustig's Leni (for Farrah Leni Fawcett):

"I still remember, long ago
when an angel got her wings
and took a ride to the stars
She crashed right into my heart
That was so easy to break
For a girl like you... oh
what can I do
I love you, I love you
This is all I can say"


Anonymous said...


Not one peep from the Farrahphiles

Can't call anybody names so you zip ur lips?

Anonymous said...

I knew about this guy's CD, as well. It's a shame it can't be bought in a hard copy format. I don't like downloads much ... I prefer having the CD in my hands :)

How this guy feels/felt for Farrah, you would think he and I are one! LOL ... I have and had the same feelings about her! ...

ESPECIALLY where he writes:

"It was not something sexual…not the hair….not the million dollar smile…..NOT the nipples on that famous poster….."

"I started searching the internet for updates, and saw all the pictures, interviews, movie clips I had missed all those years…and I fell in love again !"

Those words are SO TRUE, to me, as well! ...

There was surely SOMETHING special about Farrah Fawcett which is HARD to explain ... Millions of other female actresses/sex symbols came after her, BUT NONE of them had that 'special something'

Maybe she really was an ANGEL, here on earth! :)

God Bless this woman! AND I honestly hope she is resting in peace!



Anonymous said...

I agree Michael and very few women have that lasting timeless appeal that Farrah had.
The only other woman I can think of that does is Marilyn Monroe and I think the reason is both she and Farrah were original and appealed to both women and men.

Anonymous said...

I hope her legacy continues to grow.
Michael Jackson's death and the scandals of those in Farrah's life at the end have seemed to overshadow it.

Anonymous said...

True, but people need to LET her legacy grow. We need to give the Foundation a chance, continue to pray for her son, be grateful for the continued praise her documentary keeps getting and stop buying into this one sided, hateful gossip that some of these uneducated people keep bringing up. There are people trying to do good. Quit condemning them before they even get a chance. Turn your restless anger around and into something positive. Everyone hurts because Farrah is gone. Try something good for a change. Like this man has done.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all about Farrah and the sentiment above her. About the artists who celebrate, this is also Jim Weatherly with "Midnight train to Georgia". This song is dedicated to Farrah and ..... Lee Majors also. He is the best man she meet to live with.

Anonymous said...

Is that true about that song 'Midnight Train...??.....never knew that.

Anonymous said...

As far as the song, "Midnight Train To Georgia" ... I've recently heard/read about it, as well, for I never knew about it, either. However, apparently, it's a true story. I think it was just the 'catch phrase' "Midnight Train" which was overheard by the writer of the song, and he/she wrote it in the song.


Anonymous said...

At the beginning, the real title is "Midnight plane to Houston".It's directly inspired from Farrah who took the plane to Houston this day of 1974 and phoned with Jim WEATHERLY a few hours before