Sunday, February 21, 2010

Farrah Fawcett's golden hair

Two weeks after we broke the story that a celebrity auction website had been offering a lock of Farrah Fawcett's hair for $1,000.00, the item is still up for bid.

The lock of golden hair, in a snow globe casing, went in the block three days after the icon's death on June 25th. It is apparently a novelty item, first made available during Farrah's swimsuit poster-Charlie's Angels heyday, not taken from her final haircuts before her passing,and gives us the excuse to run these vintage Farrah Fawcett ads from the period.

The continued availability of the hair on hunkwithjunk.com, with the promise that it may one day be used to clone Farrah, is a surprise in light of the international publicity the story caused after another, better-financed website, took the post as its own. Our own source was a reader, Michael Europe.


Anonymous said...

Oh look, ANOTHER story on Farrah! This website needs to GET A LIFE already and stop making headlines of b.s. nothing stories.

Stop drinking the Craig Devious cool aid!!

Anonymous said...

Im not on the side of Ryan,but this hair thing has been going on since Farrah was alive and well.
Anybody remember on Ellen she spoke of the hair/snow globes for sale.
I really don't think Ryan or Alana have anything to do with this.
I hate posting on here but do come on to read and TB seems to be getting a kick out of all this fighting and that's why they continue this shit.
Maybe everyone try and be polite and see what TB does.

Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby ... WHY when you click on my name in the link, a photo of a Calvin Klien Model shows up in his underwear????

What is that suppose to mean???


Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby ... THAT'S BETTER! :)


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Anonymous said...

Her golden hair was the inspiration for too many bimbo girls who wanted to look like her, but most of them forgot to conserve their intelligence. . what a shame! lol

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