Thursday, February 25, 2010

Money talks: Steven Tyler rejoins Aerosmith

Aerosmith announced on their website that after months hints that he'd quit, a stint in rehab and threats to replace him, Steven Tyler is back with the band and ready to tour.

The band is heading out with their "Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock" European tour this summer.

Tyler's been acting strange since he fell off a stage and broke his leg back in August. For a time, he huddled with Tabloid Baby pal Mark Hudson to work on his autobiography before being convinced to clean up his act. He and Joe Perry, meanwhile, rarely spend time in the same room, and they managed to get four of the five members together for the reunion announcement video on the website.

Most striking in the video is the obvious toll throat cancer has taken on bassist Tom Hamilton, who's been replaced on tour periodically in recent years by longtime Aerosmith and Tabloid Baby pal David Hull.

He is, however, still rockin'.


Anonymous said...

"Aerosmith" is NOT and can NOT be "Aerosmith" without Steven Tyler

Fantastic news

Rock On Brothers

Anonymous said...

Money does not talk, it yells!

Pvt. Ed Jemmison

Anonymous said...

Tyler IS Aerosmith. I'm happy! :)

Junssi said...

Two words: Thank God! (: