Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ryan O'Neal calls Kate Jackson a liar

Ryan O'Neal says Kate Jackson is a liar.

The 68-year-old actor, holder of Farrah Fawcett's legacy and father of her troubled, drug-addicted son, has remained on the sidelines, if a participant, in the battles over his on-off lover who died of cancer in June, and despite some provocative comments in the media, has had to be pulled into the fray, as he was when Farrah's college sweetheart and secret lover Greg Lott confronted him in the street with a camera crew in tow.

Now, however, he's stepped into the ring willingly to rebut Jackson, a Farrah friend of four decades as well as Charlie's Angel costar, who caused a stir last week when she claimed to RadarOnline.com that O'Neal had cut off her access to Farrah in the final weeks of her life. O'Neal tells RadarOnline that it's "not true.

"Firstly, Farrah spent the last week of her life in the hospital. Secondly, why would Kate be denied access to Farrah and then be invited to her services?"

Jackson said the last time she saw Farrah was at an intimate gathering in February 2009 for the icon's 62nd birthday. And though she had attacked Farrah's original documentary partner Craig Nevius, labelling him "Craig Devious," she recanted and is now siding with the producer in his legal battle over the doco against O'Neal, Farrah friend Alana Stewart and O'Neal business manager Richard B. Francis.

O'Neal's representative Arnold Robinson adds:

"Mr. O'Neal's only wishes are for Farrah to rest in peace and for her contributions and legacy to be remembered by the millions who loved her."


Anonymous said...

"Mr. O'Neal's only wishes are for Farrah to rest in peace and for her contributions and legacy to be remembered by the millions who loved her"--Ryan O'Neal

Me, too. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what side of the fence you are on, Ms. Fawcett's memory deserves respect and to rest in peace. Why does TB keep this going? Well look at all the hits they are getting and exposure their advertisers are getting everytime you people fight with each other. It's all about the money. Do you think everything is the truth? This is as bad as the Republicans and Democrats dividing up our country. At least there is something in it for you when you fight for your country. Fighting over who is right and wrong here is only making TB money and disrespecting the memory of someone you admired regardless of who else you think has disrespected it.

Why doesn't everyone go back to fighting the good fight against cancer, saying a prayer for an angel and her loved ones and stop feeding this viral spreading blog.

Anonymous said...

Amen again!

Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Neal is in no position to call anyone a liar! His track record (very public, I might add), makes anything he says questionable.

He and Stewart are the only ones who have anything to gain here!

Kate Jackson has nothing to gain.

And really, don't we all wish Farrah could rest in peace. She is with God and that's a great thing considering what's being said here on earth!

Kate Jackson has no reason to lie! Ryan and Alana had every reason to keep all of Farrah's other friends away. They didn't want to be exposed for what they were doing to her, what they were stealing from her, and just how lame their "love" for Farrah was!!

All you pro Ryan, good for you! You will also be the ones we will be laughing at when the truth all comes out. Laughing, it really isn't funny, but putting you liars in your places is a day I look forward too!!!

Anonymous said...

Kate needs to stop talking to tabloids-ESPECIALLY TO ONE CONNECTED TO ONE THAT PAID A HOPSITAL EMPLOYEE TO LEAK HER FRIENDS MEDICAL RECORDS--and show some class, dignity and professionalism. Save it for the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

Radar on-line has not been taken to court for making false statements. Not the same as National Enquirer who did hurt Farrah!! Just because they may be affilated, doesn't mean that they report in the same way!

Anonymous said...

Save it for the courtroom, where have you been? Tabloid Baby is the court of public opinion. Like it or not, it isn't going to stop!

Look back at all the reporting that has been done since Farrah's death and tell me save it for the courtroom. It is never going to happen.

However, when it does get settled in court, I truly believe that you are going to be so suprised who wins!! It won't be Ryan O'Neal or Alana Stewart. Just wait!!!

Anonymous said...

If YOU were Farrah's friend, would you talk to ANYONE 'affiliated' with the National Enquier??????

Anonymous said...

No I wouldn't talk to the National Enquirer. But, again Radar online maybe an affilate, but they haven't been in a lawsuit.

I wish Kate went to a better place to tell the story, but she didn't.

Answer me this...what makes you or me any better than Kate for reading and posting on TB or Radar?

Nothing! Got an answer for that?

Anonymous said...

People have you ever considered that we are all being taken for fools! Insult Kate all you want too, but if you are reading the stories, posting comments on these blogs...you are no better than she is if you continusly want to take pot shots are her.

It is possible that they are all in it together just for the publicity and the bitter battles on their blogs!

Anonymous said...

Because I'm not involved in the case or their lives and I'm not giving out information or making up stories about someone who is no longer here to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aren't we the good one!
You still read this shit, so please, don't try to justify, it doesn't float!

Anonymous said...

That was my answer to your question at 8:10. If I were involved in this and I were Farrah's friend, I would be saying nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22
If you were Farrah's friend, how could you not say something?

Maybe Radar is not the best place, but to remain silent would not be right either!

Anonymous said...

Check out the new story. Kate didn't go to Radar Online! So, that puts that to rest!

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, If Ryan cared for Farrah he would'nt have been trying to fuck a 20yr old girl in May 2009 or changed Farrah's vision and turn the spotlight on him and make her death a Hollywood production to promote himself and that bitch Alana.


Anonymous said...


Amen to that!
Headlines: O'Neal is the Liar!
More on this story coming from court!

Anonymous said...

Why would Kate lie? She has put it all out there on the table. Everything about her life is in print, so she really has nothing to gain here!

Being denied access to Farrah would be the lowest thing Ryan could do. Yes, I know that some people don't want others to see them that way, but sometimes they need to have those very people surrounding them. They should have let Kate in!

As for Ryan letting her come to the funeral. How big of him. He let alot of people come to the funeral. Sad part is...he had any say in who could come or not come to the funeral.