Sunday, February 14, 2010

We just ran into Dennis Woodruff

Dennis Woodruff is part of the Hollywood firmament, known for decades as the man who drives along Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards in a car or van covered in hand-painted signs advertising his acting services. More recently, this human work of naive folk art and male Angelyne has taken to writing, directing and starring in his own films and talk shows and hawking DVDs from the trunk of his latest vehicle, a former police car.

This afternoon, Dennis Woodruff ventured farther west on Sunset than he's been in some time, and stopped to walk his faithful dog and try to sell some DVDs not far from the Tabloid Baby offices. That's when we noticed the car and walked right into him and his dog. His latest project is a film called Cold Creepy Feeling. He has been chasing his dream since the Seventies and he has not given up.


Dennis Woodrufd said...

Hi. It's me, Dennis Woodruff. I've become very successful making movies. My new company is High Voltage. Cold Creepy Feeling is now showing a trailer on youtube. We're getting world interest in distribution opportunity. I'll tell all you folks, hard work pays off if you stick to it. I've been working at my career for over twenty years and the rewards have started pouring in. Prosperity is a good thing. It brings more. I probably have everything I ever wanted in life, even more. In fact, I have too much. I count my blessings and I am thankful for all my success. I am a positive person, and do not surround myself with losers or negative people or control freaks, especially not evil people. I try to lead a spiritual life and make a contribution to the world as an artist. I believe individuality is important, and I'm proud to say that people around the world respond and buy my work. My movies are available on troma website, and if you google my name, you'll see my store at the very top. I've already sold 100,000+ movies at ten dollars each and I just started. There's an overwhelming demand, even the studios want to see my movies. So, don't give up. I am a winner, and I inspire others to be winners, too. I like to help people, and I like to have fun and be happy and create more projects. Best wishes to all of you. You can email me or contact me, but most of all buy my movies. You'll love them.

Dennis Woodruff

Alan Dillons said...

This guy is Nucking Futs! His new thing is to go up to people in coffee shops and get them to comment (positively) on his Youtube videos. He'll even write the comment for you!

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Wow, I remember I used to be ashamed of my dad's car because he had so many Yankees stickers on it, but now that I see this, I feel he was away from deserving that feeling on me.

L.Lynn said...

Why Buy Dennis Woodruff Collection?

Dennis Woodruff movies are beyond genius, all of them. What makes Dennis Woodfuff ‘s movies unique is that he does almost everything himself, camera work, directing, producing, acting, casting, directing, the job of one hundred people. There are very few people who can make that claim. LA, spaceman, obsession letters to David Lynch, are the three titles you will receive in the collection by buying them on Amazon.com, Troma.com, Barenes & Noble, 700 Stores, Tlacult.com, DennisWoodruffshow.com, and many others around the world. The magnificent directing, acting, and performances of unknown actors can only be understood the genius by seeing these movies. Being that Dennis started out and currently drives an art car displaying all of of his websites (with his head on top) communicates from his college days went on to make movies and explored acting and producing and directing. Even the industry professionals are in awe of his great talent. For all moviemakers, movie watchers, actors, directors, producers, writers of the world, you must see his movies.

When I first met Dennis he was hard at work making Spaceman. I bought it after he finished it for ten dollars, it was the greatest movie I’d ever seen, I loved it. I seen all 24 of his movies even before they were distributed and they are all masterpieces. If you Google Dennis’ name you’ll see a lot about him as well as him being on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, et.. I found out his fan club consists of over 2.6 million people worldwide. Under the careful guidance of the master Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, Dennis has been discovered. These are the most creative and original stories I’ve ever seen (he’s written feature films.) Dennis is the grandson of the original builder of the Hollywood sign and Hollywood land S.H Woodruff, thus he’s apart of Hollywood royalty. He’s beebn making underground films for 20+ years.

Here’s a list of some of his titles, available now and also in the future:

1. LA
2. Obsession Letter to David Lynch
3. Spaceman
4. Spaceman Returns
5. Vortex Skate Movie
6. Architecture Old and New
7. Mr. Hollywood
8. What is Art?
9. Cold Creepy Feeling (see coldcreepyfeeling.com)
10. Lost in Hollywood
11. Dennis Woodruff Superstar
12. The Party
13. Surfin in the USA
14. Oddballs
15. Life is Art
16. Nine Best Short Films
17. My Big Adventure
18. Peace and Love
19. The Greatest Magician

Demand to Get Them All through Troma.com and www.denniswoodruffshow.com. Some downloads available at troma.com. And also, a must see, the Dennis Woodruff Experience Vol 1-4 and the short film, Ideling Brando, which was and Academy Award entry 7 years ago. For more information, google: Dennis Woodruff.

lati said...

Dennis Woodruff movies are available on www.denniswoodruffshow.com to buy and troma.com and amazon.com and bn.com and tla cult.com and downdloades of my movies on troma.com also please enjoy my movies

Thank you, Dennis Woodruff

lati said...

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Anonymous said...

I met him in July of 2005 and bought one of his movies and there was no sound on it. I saw him again a year later and told him about it and he laughed and said it was a silent movie. What a turd.

Anonymous said...

I dated Dennis back in 1998 when I first arrived in LA. I didn't know too much about Hollywood at the time, having grown up in Sweden. Dennis introduced me to all the Hollywood stars, from Hugh Hefner to Charlie Sheen and Charlie Chaplin. It was great fun, from what I remember. I am have since given up the acting/modeling business but remember the good times. Kisses D-Dog -- I miss you a Godzilla.

Anonymous said...

ask this fool if he has a police record,if he says no tell him he is a Great big LIAR.
ask him why if he is so well off as he says he is gets a SSI check each and every month.
He is a Thief sells those trash tapes that have been rejected by other users
most have bad sound tracks they skip or tear.

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2johnnyt said...

Hey this Johnny T a NYC comic who just motorcycled cross country, pulled into LA, sitting at the Bean in Hollywood having and espresso and who walks in like he owns the joint - DW! Dripping with more bling, gold and diamonds, than Elvis and JayZ combined. The man should own the joint, he was sporting a three piece with Fedora, a diamond studded cane and a woman on each arm. I was like whats with cane DW? He's like, It's only for those who admire fashion. His dog Tuffy trailed behind sniffing the butts of his fine ladies - When will HOLLYWOOD RECOGNIZE THIS STAR HE WAS MORE SOUL AND HEART THAT ALL THE DRONES IN THIS TOWN THEY CALL TALENT! I just ordered on line DENNIS WOODRUFF COLLECTION VOL 1 which I found on google search and then BAM ordered it like that on Amazon.com. I got 3 movies of this man's genius for only $15! I watched all three and was amazed how funny and creative he is, and to be honest I've never seen any movies like this. DW is a filmmaker, impressed with his camera work, direction. Hollywood its time to take notice of Dennis. Leonardio DeCaprio has nothing on DW but his name!

Anonymous said...

i really like his movies!!! In short, check him out on amazon and his own official website which is denniswoodruffshow.com. The man is an underground genius and his picking up steam due to his hard work and intense labor. My hat is tipped to him and I see great things in his future. I met him over 10 years ago and his grind has only increased.

A harold

Anonymous said...

Attention ALL movie goers and people WORLD WIDE interested in movies and the cinema: I've had the privelidege of watching Dennis Woodruff movies over 15 years. Some of his earlier movies were kind of rough, he was learning his craft. He's a well respected man in Hollywood, a hard worker and a climber to the top. No one handed Dennis Woodruff anything on a silver platter it is known that he has landed a deal with Warner Brothers distribution and 3 other companys. His movies have advanced to the point of genious level visionary filmmaker status. Some of his earlier movies still have the charm and rough quality that is fun to watch and funny. He now has several cameras and his movies now have a lot of special effects and great music. Back in the day when he lived in a trailer park he didn't have any good equiptment but his movies are still very original. Dennis has been applauded by some of the biggest industry professionals like Warren Beatty, Ron Myer (president of Universal) Ron said I quote "Dennis you have an amazing amount of talent. You will get to the top eventually. You have the talent keep trying, I would greenlight your films if I could but unfortunately people don't realize that I can't it's not my job I run the studio and not involved in that process or I would. I just watched Cold Creepy Feeling and Mr. Hollywood, you do a lot with a little bit of money. Some day you'll have all the money you need to make a lot more movies."
Please ignore the skeptics, a lot of people in Hollywood are jealous of those succeeding and make fun of them and get a twisted pleasure trying to make someone's road a little harder than it is. Theres nothing but good things to say about Dennis, he is a warm hearted individual who would give you the shirt off his back or share his last bit of water if you were dying in the dessert. I understand he associates with all types of people to the most common to the most famous. and he treats everybody equally. He has started a foundation to help other artists. DennisWoodruff.org. I recommend you google search his name, he has extensive websites on YouTube (channels 3) Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and 60 pages of companies that are selling his movies in stores around the world most notably would be Amazon, DENNIS WOODRUFF COLLECTION VOL 1
In conclusion I think it's time for the new artists of the world to have a fair break and emerge with their products to sell around the world with easier ways to market indy films for the artist and not rely on film festivals. festivals are a scam and only interested in getting your entry fee and not helping artists much more than a small room full of people seeing your film who can't help you.

Anonymous said...


One time I went to a office of slam dance thinking I would enter my film in their contest for sundance and they said "listen man, we got 200 films here and we can't watch them all by the end of the week." they were taking the checks I witnessed out of the envelopes of innocent people and throwing the movies into the dumpster afterwards. I asked them why dont you send their checks back and they said you'll have to leave now and they can't take my movie and I'm glad I didn't give them my $50 I left in awe of this experience. So what I'm saying is theres gotta be a better way for studios and distributers to see these great works of art and not be over looked or end up in the dumpster. I urge you to buy Dennis's movie collection and more will follow that are finished and ready to go distributed by Troma.com and hundreds of others helping. This guy is a real winner, a diamond in the rough and I know your money will be used for a good purpose and used to make more movies and higher unknown talents that are great in Hollywood that are begging for a chance to come up or be seen. I've known Dennis to be an honest and straightforward guy. and he'd never cheat anyone even when he was totally broke living on the street in his van 10 years ago he never cheated anyone and would always give people more movies than expected and if they ever had a bad copy which sometimes happens he would always go out of his way to comp them another one for free. Best wishes to all artists around the world and may your dreams come true as well. We must support all artists who are struggling to make it- NOT just the big names, the little ones too. After all, the big movies don't need your help as much as the little ones. I've enjoyed talking to you in this blog and I hope you'll erase any negative thoughts you have and enjoy his movies as I have emencsely. With this I close, and be assured you'll be getting your money's worth by buying his movies.
-Ryan Kibby film critic, London

Anonymous said...

On September 21st this month at Larry Edmond bookstore at 7pm Dennis Woodruff will be appearing with Lloyd Kaufman for a book signing. Come and meet in person and get a free autograph and a photo with the greatest new filmmaker Dennis and actor and director. He has produced 21 films that are now available on troma.com
i know you're gonna love this collection. 3 movies for 15$
you can order it on Amazon.com

P.S. I've found out through my resource that Dennis is the grandson of the builder of Hollywood land developer in 1923 S.H.Woodrouff and still ownes land up near the hollywood sign. I've heard he's going to build his dream home up there someday on his land with some of the money he earns from the success of his movies. I reccomend you buy his movies and put him in the spotlight where he belongs. All news media are invited to this event. Best wishes


Anonymous said...

What is the world of independent films gonna do with all the new film makers? If you are an independent film maker I'd like to hear from you. What are you experiences good and bad getting your movies distributed and receptive were others to your film? Did you have luck in the film festival circuit. I love making movies and want to continue. Its expensive for food, location fee, props, traveling and editing costs. You cant get around it. Im wondering how many people that read this might consider investing in a horror film or any other types? Such as bank robbery movie. If you would like to contact me, and have some ideas or money to send...maybe we can make a film together. My email is rad7@ktb.net If you'd like to see my horror file go to COLD CREEPY FEELING.COM and you can also go to dennis woodruff show.com for other examples. I also have other examples of my work on utube. 1 Dennis Woodruff Show 2 Dennis Woodruff 3 Movie trailer trash men. These are all channels I would also like you to see my tv show Dennis Woodruff show' Please let me know what you think. You are also welcome to put your response on this site. In closing, I would like to hear from all people who are sincere and passionate about making moves like I am and possibly a reality show about hollywood. Sincerely your friend, Dennis Woodruff and Tuffy the dog (my faithful companion and friend). Males and females can respond. PS Do you think actors could buy themselves a part in a movie rather than go through a casting process and be part of the distribution process later. The way people cast movies today is not working for everyone. What do you think? DW

Denniswoodruff Tv said...

Thank you for your research could you please do an updated version of my story to now. I believe I am a true hollywood actor director and producer of indie films and people really like me. the biz needs to change for all actors directors and producers who strive to become successful in the business world. Even though you have given me good press you haven't adressed how we can make the system better for those who are trying to get discovered and make it to the top of the pile of trash. you may not know how difficult it is because your not here trying. millions of dollars are spent on big movies and promoted with big money that doesn't help the little guy like me who is spending all his money making the movie to get seen by the world on TV on cable in movie theaters and distributed properly by honest distributors a way in for us. there will always be problems in the world but there are solutions to have studios open there doors to people like me and others who can't even in the gate unless they know someone. my journey with casting directors agents distributors has been really rough road I think the world would like to hear another story about me and you can make that happen. I hope you will answer me again my movies are just starting to hit movie theaters like the frida. I hope my story again could address solutions to the hollywood dream. people at the top don't play fair to the little guys who deserve a fair chance. please email me again and pass my story to your people you deal with so it doesn't end here in this email.
Dennis Woodruff

Denniswoodruff Tv said...
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