Monday, February 22, 2010

The gay British Danny Gans found dead

A musical impressionist who can only be described as a hip, gay British version of the late Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans has, like Gans, died before his time.

Jason Wood died over the weekend at 38. No details are known about the cause or circumstances.

Like Danny Gans, Wood made his name on the corporate circuit with hilarious impressions of music stars, though, being British, his specialities dd not include the likes of Nat "King" Cole and Kermit the Frog but icons like Cher, Annie Lennox, Boy George, Elton John, George Michael and Morrisey. Being British, Wood was demonstrably more camp than the Born Again Gans. A comedy club headliner and regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Woods was best known as the first person voted off the first season of Strictly Come Dancing, the UK version of Dancing with The Stars.

Dany Gans died last May 1st from an overdose of hydromorphone, a powerful opiate.


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