Friday, February 12, 2010

Joey Voices is another next Danny Gans

In shying away from investigating the life and death of Las Vegas superstar
Danny Gans, members news media, both local and national, hide behind the argument that "no one outside of Las Vegas ever heard of him."

If that is indeed the case, why then are so many aspiring entertainers in so many different parts of the country inspired by Danny Gans' work or aspiring to take his place in the show business pantheon?

In the months since Danny Gans' tragic death on May 1st, we've shined the spotlight on musical impressionists like Rick A. Ludwig and Larry G Jones, Paul Tanner and Frank Caliendo, all of whom cite Danny Gans as The Man they can only try to equal. Now we can add to that list the name of Joey Voices of Malden, Massachusetts.

Like Danny Gans, Joey Voices (aka Joey Noone) is a corporate entertainer and a man of many voices, from Joe Cocker to Michael McDonald to Cher to Dave Matthews to Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson. Not only that, he is a self-described "Proud, Baptized, Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ"- and, as it turns out, was inspired by Danny Gans to follow his dream.

Joe Viglione found out when he interviewed Mr. Voices in The Malden Observer:

Malden Observer: How long have you lived in Malden?

Joey Voices: 37 years

MO: When did you start your career as “Joey Voices?”

JV: I started Joey Voices back in 2001 and for two years pieced together the show that I wanted to take on the road across America for corporate and private events. I got my first big corporate show in January of 2005 with Aflac in Indiana, and it was a great experience for me.

MO: What was the inspiration for this endeavor?

JV: I would do impressions of singers at my friend/neighbor/dentist’s office (Dr. Mark Gianatassio in Melrose) for his patients, and he told me I reminded him of Danny Gans out in Las Vegas. I had never heard of Gans before Mark mentioned his name. So I went out and saw him perform, and knew instantly that I could do that. So I put my own act together and continue to build on it.

Find more about Joey Voices at JoeyVoices.com.

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