Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Danny Wolf announces the roller derby

Legendary, pioneering reality television producer Danny Wolf doesn't only bring the action into American homes, he lives it as announcer for the American Roller Skating Derby league. This is Danny over the weekend, calling the L.A. Firebirds' 2010 season opener versus their archrivals the Brooklyn Red Devils at the LA County Fairgrounds, at the exact moment Firebirds jammer Ray Robles flew over the rail of the banked track smack into the trackside announcer's table and Danny's kisser.

Danny recovered to tell us: "We're back at the Fairgrounds again this Saturday night, and then the San Francisco Bay Bombers home opener up at Kezar Pavilion on Saturday night March 6. Expecting over 4,000 fans that night! And I'm sure I'll get clobbered again on that night too!"

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