Friday, February 12, 2010

Andrew "Dice" Clay is excited about replacing Danny Gans at baggage claim

As Andrew "Dice" Clay begins a run at the Las Vegas Hilton, he speaks to Tabloid Baby pal Robin Leach and pays tribute to Danny Gans, the man who brought the Vegas one-man show to new heights in the 21st century:

“I wanted to prove that I could sell tickets anywhere. I wanted them to go, ‘You know what? We want him here. We need him here. He brings people here and sells tickets!’ I’m totally different from what’s here already. I look at Vegas almost like it is its own Hollywood. They could literally take a street bum if they want, put some music around him and put some midgets on bungee cords, and they would have a show and people would come into town and go, ‘Have you seen the midgets on bungee cords with the homeless bum?’

“By the time you start looking from the airport to the hotel, if you have never heard of this person, you do now. I used to kid about it with Danny Gans. Outside of Vegas, Danny Gans really wasn’t known. When you flew into Vegas and you saw the little advertisement Danny Gans, you go, ‘Oh, I wonder who that is?’ Now you are in baggage claim, now the woman is looking at her husband going, ‘Oh, is he a singer. I wouldn’t mind seeing him.’

“Now you are in the cab going to the hotel, in the cab that has another sign of him on the cab, you are looking at Danny Gans, ‘I almost can’t believe, we’re in town, and Danny Gans is here.’ You see a giant billboard at The Mirage, ya know, Danny Gans, the husband’s going, ‘Honey, you want to go get something to eat,’ and she’s going, ‘No, no, no, first go get the Danny Gans tickets, I don’t know if he is here just for the night, but I got to get in.’ That’s what Vegas does.

“Now you’ve got me almost full time!... We will be all over Vegas. They are giving us more digital billboards. They gave me that big thing at the airport, where Manilow’s thing was in the airport, at baggage claim. It is unreal."

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