Saturday, February 06, 2010

Magid dead, influence lives

Any employee or veteran of local television news business knows the name "Magid." Magid is the consultancy firm that turns fresh, eager, bushy-tailed would-be TV news reporters and readers into cookie cutter Kent Brockman clones and helped turn every local news broadcast, from the boobs on the weathergirl to the smirk of the "anchorman" to the selection of stories, into copies of the other.

Now word comes that Frank Magid, namesake of the media consultancy Frank N. Magid Associates, died yesterday in Santa Barbara, California. He was 78. It was cancer.

His company has recently moved into "e-commerce consulting."

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Kings Farmer said...

Once again Tabloid Baby beats the NY Times. Today is Wednesday and the Times' Obit page is now telling us of the passing of Mr. Magid.
Old news to fans of Tabloid Baby.