Tuesday, February 09, 2010

RadarOnline steals our Farrah Fawcett hair story-- without giving us credit-- and now the whole world is running our story-- with credit to Radar!

Anyone who doubts the wisdom of our extensive against-the-grain coverage of the untimely death of Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans and its aftermath, take note: the biggest names in the gossip and entertainment industry keep a close eye on Tabloid Baby, and are not shy about following our lead.

Case in point: our report yesterday that a collectors' website is selling what it purports to be a lock of Farrah Fawcett's hair. We got the tip from one of our readers. We posted it yesterday at 5:26 pm.

This morning, as our report caused a new fury among Farrahphiles, our pals at RadarOnline.com stole the story, labelled it "exclusive" and ran it without attribution (meaning they didn't credit us) at 10:55 am Pacific time.

The Radar writer even came perilously close to plagiarizing our report!

We wrote:

"An online celebrity sales site is offering what is purported to be a lock of Farrah Fawcett's hair...for one thousand dollars."

Radar ripped:

"Online celebrity sales site www.hunkwithjunk.com is offering what it purports to be a lock of Farrah’s famous golden hair -- for one thousand dollars."

Radar's steal was followed by our furry friend Perez Hilton, who unapologetically ran his own version of the purloined story at 12:30 pm-- with a link to Radar!

And the world followed suit. Just click here to see that lots of "mainstream" outlets-- including the LA Times phony alternative "Brand X" site-- are running the story, credited to Radar.

Coincidence? First off, the word "purported" gives it away. Second, that hair's been on sale since June 28th, 2009-- three days after Farrah's death. It's not like it popped up online yesterday. Someone happened to point it out to us and we followed up.

Now we don't mind if the big financed organizations lift our copy. We do think a tip of the hat would be in order. Perez? He oughta know better. And Radar, as part of the National Enquirer family should know what it's like to carry the water for the mainstream media, doing their dirty work so they can get the credit. That's what we'd expect from a corporate porn-pushing gossip site.

Better yet, go after the Danny Gans story.


Anonymous said...

will Tabloid baby find out who the seller is?
Now that would be a real story!

Jody said...

Check out MSNBC - they have a story today about celebrities & prescription abuse/overdoses - and surprise, surprise - they mentioned Danny Gans! It's a small mention, but significant that someone in mainstream media FINALLY called a spade a spade in the Gans story.


Anonymous said...

Maybe because NO ONE knows about this site and there are only 8 obsessed people who visit it every day!! Hahahhahhahahaha. Maybe if you earned a reputation people would respect you and credit you for such stories but instead all you do is report about Farrah, Danny Gans and a couple of dead people we've never heard of so nobody gives a crap about Tabloid Baby. Maybe it's time to diversify your coverage outside of those two and people will remember you!

Sucks to be you I guess.

Anonymous said...

they did have mella murphy - least they put some effort into it. pffft.

Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby wrote:

"This morning, as our report caused a new fury among Farrahphiles, our pals at RadarOnline.com stole the story, labelled it "exclusive" and ran it without attribution (meaning they didn't credit us) at 10:55 am Pacific time."

Tabloid Baby ... you didn't even credit ME! ... Not even in this new article! ... Granted you said 'a reader' but it would of been nice if you said my name! :)

Maybe you should put me on your 'payroll' LOL


Anonymous said...

I know I heard it first through Michael.
Maybe Michael can find out who is behind this lock of hair auction. I find it sad that anyone would do that and I have to agree with Mela it's scary and not to mention cruel and disrespectful!

I wish we could find out who's the one selling it.

CL said...

Yep Michael broke the story first.
WTG Michael...they should give you a job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael! Check the story again!
They changed it and gave you credit!

Anonymous said...

:) ... Thanks for the 'credit' Tabloid Baby! ... You should be recieving my 'invoice/bill' in the mail for the commission! LOL

Personally, I DO NOT think it is Ryan, Alana, Mela or anyone else in Farrah's 'camp' who is selling this! ... I personally DO NOT think it's really Farrah's hair, either!

It was probably some novelty item that someone made,(home made at that), YET I had NEVER seen or heard about it being on sale, until now!

You'd think they would of used a better photo of Farrah in this 'snow globe' LOL ... Also, who in their right mind would spend $1,000 on this item???? AND how are you going to PROVE it's actually Farrah's hair??? DNA???? PLEASE ...

This said, I do think it's an 'original' idea, and maybe something which should be done, LEGIT, from Farrah's estate, BUT OBVIOUSLY not with FARRAH's real hair!!! ... with proceeds going to a Cancer foundation! AND NOT at $1,000 as a price, either!!! A reasonable amount for something like this should be $10 - $20 NO MORE!


Anonymous said...

WOW! ... just realized how fast MY 'Tip' has spread like wild fire through out all the Tabloid sites!!! ... I'm impressed! ...

Shit, maybe I should hook up with one of them for a 'part time job' LOL ...

What surprises me, though, is that this item had been put up for sale since late June 2009 and I was the one to 'discover' it! :)

I've read that even Mela Murphy had been contacted regarding this issue! ... I'm stunned! :)

I forgot to mention that at one point someone was selling ONE SINGLE STRING of Farrah's hair on e Bay ... I forget how much they were asking for it! ... RIDICULOUS!!!! BUT so was the X Ray of Farrah's injured Knee, as well as Farrah's passport! ... WAY out of line! LOL ... Seemed they never found a buyer, for they pop up from time to time!

What I really would LOVE (though I will NOT pay for it on e Bay or anywhere else... Did you see the price they are asking??? WTF???) is a copy of Farrah's Funeral Program that was given out during her funeral service! I've contacted EVERYONE I could think of, BUT all in vain! :(

I want it just for my own personal use as a special memento and have it framed! If ANYONE can help me out, here, I'd appreciate it! ...

It's a shame these things are not given to genuine fans, YET are given to people who would SELL them, and at outrages prices!

However, if anyone is interested, the person running www.myfarrah.com is giving out a commerative postcard of Farrah ... FREE, and he is true to his word!


P.S. ... I can IMAGINE all the CRAZY responses I'm going to receive with this message!

Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby,
Want to really boost readership?? Find out who the vulgar creep is who keeps posting on the Farrah stories until the comments get shut down and post their name. Now THAT would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Farrah talked about this on Ellen in 2004.
And she said people sell her hair in a snow globe
so I guess this has been going on long before she died.

Anonymous said...

Well Anon if people would let other's to express their personal views without being called names by Ryan and Alana's people then maybe TB would'nt have to that! K

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would feel pretty darn confidente putting money on the fact that's it's NOT a Ryan and Alana 'person'.