Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We read the news today and were shocked to see the following item from Norm Clarke in the Las Vegas Review Journal, just days after the Fab Forever's debut at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip:

Singer performs despite bad news

The show business credo "the show must go on" was put to a severe test Sunday.

Shortly before going on stage at the Riviera, Peter George, the John Lennon impersonator in the "Fab Forever" tribute group, received some devastating news.

His wife, Maureen, and 8-year-old son, Peter Jr., were badly injured in an automobile accident in Los Angeles.

George's wife suffered a broken jaw, and his son had compound fractures of his legs and internal bleeding.

His colleagues pleaded with George not to go on stage, but he chose to go ahead with the performance.

"He almost lost it when he sang 'Help,' said "Fab Forever" producer Jerry Peluso. "'Help' is his son's favorite song, and he had to choke back the tears during a heart-wrenching performance."

"The show will remain dark until further notice," Peluso said. "All of our prayers go out to Peter and his family."

And so do ours...

LATE UPDATE: We spoke to Jerry Peluso this evening:

“They're both okay," he told us.

"It happened in Long Beach. An eighty year-old woman pulled out in front of them. and they collided. It was her fault. She was eighty. She shouldn't be driving. The cars were totalled.

"His wife got out of the hospital yesterday. She has a broken jaw. She'll be okay. His son has multiple fractures in his leg. The CAT scans and they came up negative. He was released from the hospital early this morning.

"And the old lady's all right, too.

“Imagine being in a different city and getting that news right before you’re about to go onstage. Peter found out like ten minutes before he was to go on for the second show, and he broke down. We all said, ‘Go, we’ll cancel the show,’ and he said, ‘No, I’m going to go on. It was amazing. He turned it off. As soon as he came offstage, he collapsed. He was in tears. We all were.”

Stay tuned here for the latest on the Fab Forever's return to Las Vegas.


Joey Vitale said...

Just came across this while surfing. That is total dedication. You guys rock! You can probably get through anything now as a band. Glad to hear all are fine.
God bless
Joey V

Anonymous said...

peter george is john lennon and none will come close to the heart and soul of his essence. god's love to him and his family

Sara said...

I'm glad to hear that Peter's wife and Jammin' Junior are okay. To Peter- It could have been much worse. Anyway, that was very courageous of you to perform when in a situation like that. I hate to hear about anyone's sadness. I've been through situations, too. I pray that a situation like that won't happen again for a long time.