Thursday, November 01, 2007

Heather Mills takes a cue from Michael Lohan

Gold-digging, Beatle-fleecing one-legged former porn model Heather Mills, who got herself a spot on the last season on Dancing with The Stars in an attempt to ingratiate herself with the American public and recast herself as a "charity campaigner," has gone on the international attack amid her drawn-out divorce from sad old Beatle Paul McCartney. The alleged ex-prostitute is telling big-forum personalities like Diane Sawyer and Matt Lauer that she considered suicide in wake of the split and that she's just a victim of the media (and the big-forum news organizations are always happy to sign exclusivity deals that allow their high-profile subjects to have their say, largely unchallenged, in a sympathetic setting).

Funniest of all, Heather's started up a website "Youcare.com" "for people to log on and register supposed lies reported in the press." The idea is startlingly similar to the television show Lindsay Lohan's father Michael dreamed up three years ago. was a series in which Lohan and a team of pretty investigators would seek out the ones who spread malicious gossip in the media-- and expose them and their lies. Michael's prison stint interrupted his plans.

But now that he's a free man again, he's got a super reality television project in the works with our pals at Frozen Pictures.

Meanwhile, Heather's most pointed attack is aimed at the cheeky London Sun tabloid-- which her website calls "The Scum,"-- probably because the Sun dug up-- or were handed by Macca's team-- those soft core sex photos she'd posed for before hitting the jackpot:
After eighteen months of reading disgusting, untrue and hurtful stories about my sister Heather I feel enough is enough and I would like to try and set the record straight. It's impossible to answer every single lie that has been written about her, there are just too many, but over the coming months we will try to answer some of them.

Many of Heather's friends and family are appalled by the vilification she has received at the hands of the Sun Newspaper. We feel that she has been treated worse than a murderer or paedophile, when you count the number of abusive articles that the Sun have written regarding Heather.

There have been over 4,000 articles of abuse about Heather in the UK alone in the past 18 months. 90% of what is written is untrue and the 10% of truth, Heather has already written about in her Autobiography (proceeds of which went to charity) in 1995 called "Out on a Limb".

It is high time we took a stance and made a decision not to accept modern day stoning of anybody, never mind someone that has only tried to help the lives of animals and men, women and children for the last 17 years. There are many people that have been abused by the Sun Newspaper, a lot of them everyday extraordinary people (not celebrities). You just don't get to read about the devastation they have caused in these extraordinary peoples lives because they sadly don't have the platform to speak out.

Now is your chance to speak out... and stand united against this corporate giant called the Sun, who is not only feeding the nation with lies and abuse, but is charging them money for it in the process. We used to be a nation of revolutionaries and campaigners marching against the corporate giants and now we've become complacent and suppressed living in fear of what the repercussions may be.

This has to stop and we must no longer allow ourselves to be controlled and duped to lead us to become a nation of controlled sheep...


Anonymous said...

Weren't you guys complaining about TMZ being a bunch of porn-pushers?

How do you spell hipockrissy?

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about the Heather Mills deal. She married a Beatle. And she has a past. So the desire to crack open the story is there for pretty much everyone... tabloids, newspapers, Beatle fans, etc.

Since everyone tries to overcome their past, I give her credit for making a difference with landmines and animals. Is she a golddigger? Who knows. 99% of the crowd says yes.

He married her without a pre-nup, so she had more than a pair of breasts to offer. This guy is not a victim. He's been around the block himself (if not recently, at least back in the 60s). Not to mention, he's always been very savvy at business.

If Heather has incriminating tapes of Paul, he's working overtime to keep a lid on that. IMO, that's why the divorce is dragging on.

Kelsey Grammer and quite a few of these guys marry ex-strippers. I don't recommend working as a prostitute, and people are sure that Heather did play the big-money game with her legs up. Poor Beatrice, for all this. The Sun stories, all of it.

Okay I really do have a life... that's my take on Heather Mills. She has a passion for her charity work, which Paul even mentioned in interviews.

Anyway, let it be. Here comes the Sun.